From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series – First Impressions

After recently discovering this had already started airing in March, I watched the pilot episode last night and I must say I was impressed.

The Gecko brothers are totally different to the original casting choices in the movie (George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) but there are these little details that trick you into forgetting these are new guys.  Seth’s expressions, tone and pitch occasionally blur into that of Clooney’s performance and Richie is even more messed up (if that’s even possible) this time around.

There are a few niggles that bugged me in terms of consistency and continuity. For example, Richie has visions in Benny’s World of Liquor where they take two female hostages whereby they appear to become vampire/snake women – like in the movie.

Some of the action that plays out in the store is different to the movie as well.  For such a memorable movie scene with the shoot-out in the store, it kinda irks me.  But I get it.  To make a TV series based on a movie, sometimes you gotta change some things to make it work.  Plus, years after it happened, if the folks involved in the original iteration of it may have disliked some things and this is their chance to change dialogue/scenes to fulfil their original wish and so on.

Otherwise, this seems like a pretty solid effort and I can’t wait to watch the next five episodes I’ve got lined up!

Fictional Fight Club V2.0 – Mario vs Sonic

I ran a poll on my personal blog quite some time ago.  I figured I’d resurrect this ‘What if…?’ scenario again with a variety of other fictional fights to see what everyone thinks in terms of the victor and their reasons as to why.

So, here we go again – Mario and Sonic fighting to the death – who would win?

Place your votes…NOW!

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RETRO CORNER – Zero Tolerance

Ahhhh, the Sega Mega Drive II (or Sega Genesis). Many hours were spent honing my ‘skillz’ on the vast range of games I’d buy/rent/borrow. From Lemmings to Road Rash, from Golden Axe to Shining Force II…the nostalgia is overwhelming me.

One of my most favourite games was ‘Zero Tolerance’. I dread to think how much of my time this took up – in cumulative time it would be a significant number of days that’s for sure!

The visuals blew me away…despite the fact they weren’t that great, the game oozed visual appeal. The sound effects (again, not fantastic going by standards today) immersed me in the gameplay and I would play this game over and over.

Having loved the ‘Alien’ movies from the first time I watched them, I’d pretend that this was an off-shoot of that series (until Alien Trilogy came out on the PSX). I remember the character selection…and now I’m wondering did it make any difference who you chose, I mean really? Nonetheless, it was pretty cool to see the ID badge of your character at the bottom, reminding you of how bad-ass you look considering you only ever see your arm/hand as is traditional for your typical FPS (until the likes of Call of Duty etc where you see yourself in cutscenes and so on).





Just Googling this game and seeing the imagery makes me want to download an emulator and play it some time soon.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of this game, I suggest you do the same. Ifyou remember it, however, what’s your thoughts? Does it still or did it ever stand as a revered title from your gaming history?

One Small Step For Me, One Giant Step For Nerdgazzum

Today, I have finally had time to sit down and register for tax self assessment – Nerdgazzum has taken the first step in terms of becoming fully official.  Moments ago, I have also upgraded the site to have SSL encryption – just awaiting activation now.

The site already offers PayPal as a method of payment but you can use the store more securely and with even more confidence once the SSL certificate goes live and you see the reassuring ‘https’ in your address bar.

On top of all that, I have also placed an order with one of my suppliers for some more Funko vinyls (details will follow – wanna keep it as a little surprise for now).  This order is separate to the voters’ choice that’s still running until the end of the month – I haven’t ordered any DC Universe Funkos…that is pending your decision!  Democracy at its finest.

Not bad for a Monday morning, eh?




Morning! (Or afternoon, evening…whatever – depending on when you’re actually reading this and what part of the world you hail from).

It’s been a wee while since I last requested folks’ support in terms of the Nerdgazzum online community.

I’m still keen to have a new admin on the Nerdgazzum Facebook page – mainly to cover the geeky and nerdy stuff that I myself am not really into.  I’m sure folks don’t just want to see DC Comics related posts all the time!  The only requirement is that the posts are relatively ‘Safe For Work’ and that you can read/write.  Hit me up if you’re interested!

I’m still looking for folks to pitch in here on the blog – reviews, news, rants…whatever!  Content generators – get in on it!

I’ve lost focus on the forum for now – not sure how successful it’ll be considering the amount of message boards out there and in order for it to work it needs to stand out from the rest.  However, if you think you can generate content that would drive traffic and interaction on there then feel free to sign up and get posting!

If you feel you can contribute in any way, even the slightest contribution then feel free to post or message me to get in on it!

Store Update 27/04/14

It’s been a rather busy week this week in regards to sorting out new suppliers as well as finding out more about certain items.  I’ve also had a few folks requesting certain items to seek out and give them a price.  Feels good to be wanted!

So what’s new on the store this week?

Well, let me pull it out and show you:

The Redbubble portfolio has also been extended this week:

Stay tuned for further updates and if there’s a special item you want or wanna get a friend/loved one drop me a line and I’ll do my best to look into it!

Taste our awesome!

We Are Family (All My Funko Vinyls & Me!)

Hello! Yesterday I posted a status on Facebook to get votes on what the next Funko vinyl figure should be acquired to enhance everyone’s collections (or even get them started).  I’m mindful of the fact there are a lot (GASP!) of folks out there who do not use Facebook or even have an account.


So, I open up the voting on a less restricted platform (you will need to be signed in here to be able to vote – it only takes a sec) – vote for the one you REALLY want to add to your collection next.  If you don’t collect already, which one would be an awesome start to kick your collection off?

Place your votes before midnight 30/04/14!

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Store Update 21/04/14

Howdy ho!  It’s been a busier week on the store this week.  Made contact with a few more suppliers so listed some pretty hot items if I do say so myself!  Got lots more to put up – so much goodness!

Check out the items listed so far below:


Redbubble-wise, it’s been  quieter week – I will try and get some more of my own designs up as well as get some contributions added too!



Son Of Batman – Review

For  non comic readers, most don’t know of Bryce Wayne’s son.   Their knowledge of Ra’s al ghul and Talia are from the Nolan flicks at best.  They probably won’t even watch this.  Spoilers ahead.

We start off at the League of Assassins’ training ground.  Ra’s looks on with his grandson Damian and rudrly interrupted by an attack by Deathstroke who wants to run the League himself.

Ra’s is mortally we wounded, fingertips in the edge of a Lazarus Pit before Talia tells Damian it’s too late and it’s time to go to Gotham City…to meet his father.

The visuals follow on from Justice League: War.  The voiceovers seem lacking.  This is always my gripe with animated/videogame incarnations.  Perhaps I’m too firmly rooted to the voices of my childhood.  Kevin Conroy will forever be my Batman.

Talia leaves Damian in Bruce’s care due to the threat that faces the League.  After the initial surprise if having a son,  Bruce takes him home where he meets Alfred and becomes acquainted with the cave and Bruce’s much smaller venture (in comparison to the League).

The movie covers Damian’s progress into becoming the new Robin, taking some minor direction from Dick Grayson (Nightwing).  Dr. Langstrom has been put to work by Deathstroke into finishing Ra’s al ghul’s plan to create an army of man-bats to which Batman, Damian and Nightwing must foil and save Talia and the day.

The voice acting really took me out of this movie – I wanted to love it.  I wanted to enjoy seeing Damian and his father united as a reluctant duo who grow closer and bond as father and son.  Sadly, the movie left me feeling a tad deflated.  It’s a rare thing for me to not praise anything Batman related highly but, I have to be honest.  It caught a lot of great moments from the comics, added a few new twists but it just didn’t feel right.  It felt too cheesy and wooden.  Your typical ‘state the obvious’ lines you get in your typical Japanimation that has been re-dubbed for Western audiences.

The animation is great – effects-wise it kicks ass.  But, as we all (should) know, Batman isn’t just about the action and the visuals.  What maintains our interest is the story.  It felt like too much was cramped into this to try and tell the story of father and son.  This may have worked out better as a multi-part feature or even a TV series.

So, in summary – an OK film with some stand-out moments.  Some good.  Some bad.

Score: [usr 3]


Store Update 14/04/14 Part Deux

The stock has arrived!

Get your orders in now while stocks last!


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