Hey folks – so I had a giveaway earlier in the month for the Facebook page reaching 300 likes.  Not long after we hit 500 and now it’s over 600.  The winner never got back to me so I’m running another giveaway as a means of re-doing that but also as an offering for hitting 500 likes.

So, simply enter below.  Answer the question and like the Facebook page (if you don’t already) and Tweet about the giveaway for chances in the competition!

The prize is a Halo Action Clix Red Spartan Battle Pack as listed on the store (had a few of them and they seem really popular – if you already bought one from the store or elsewhere, you can still enter).

Funko POP!s

As most folks who follow this blog or the Facebook page will know, a big part of how Nerdgazzum got started and will continue to focus on are Funko POP! vinyls.

The majority of these are pre/back-order at the moment.  The main supplier that I have started to deal with haven’t done POP!s before and are recently starting.  Some of them have been out for some time and I’ve had questions about why potentially retired items are marked as ‘Pre-order’ – this is merely my choice of wording as the supplier has them marked as pre-order due to the fact they’re starting to stock them.

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A Link Between Worlds…

So back in Birmingham a few months ago after seeing the Figma Link figure at the last Midlands Comic Com I decided he was super cool and I wanted him but not for the £50 or so he usually goes for.

figma Link5-500x500

Anyway, a few weeks later the Real Action Heroes (RAH) doll came along and he’s super beautiful. He’s a fully clothes 12″ Skyward Sword style Link with accesories galore!


Now Figma Link has taken a back seat… for a while at least. Only problem is the RAH Link retails at around £150 I know right<a and I can't justify paying that right now on my wages.

Moving on from that, I found that Medicom do a naked RAH doll. Same size but without a face, hair, clothes or accessories.

So now my new obession has become getting a naked one (for around £40) and modding it to look like Link as a sacrifice for not getting the Figma.

Still with me? Good! The best part of this is that I already have a new friend doll dress maker in Lithuania who has recently started making me new dresses for my Disney girls.

When I get her finished stuff I’ll judge whether she’s Hyrule quality or not. Best part of it is that I can choose what he wears. Worst part being I have to paint and adult a face and hair (I really need to get myself an airbrush kit, any suggestions?)

So that shall be my next task unless a RAH Link appears on my doorstep from a generous friend or stranger.

Which Link would you go for?

Store Update – Week 26

Evening!  So I’ve decided the store updates will be blogged on a Friday from now on – I’ve found a more effective and less time consuming way of posting all the latest store additions – using the built in RSS feeds on the store as opposed to manually posting the items and then linking them individually to their respective store pages.

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TV Show Soundtracks

So some TV series are good, some are some, and some are awesome!

One of the main things that make up a good show (or movie) is the soundtrack. Look at the phenomenal success of the Frozen soundtrack – mega weeks in the charts and great to have a sing-a-long to especially Love is an Open Door

In celebration of this here’s a little selection of some of my favourite tracks from my most recently watched TV series, enjoy!

First up is the amazing Tears For Fears track Head Over Heels recently featured in Orphan Black (which you should all be watching) you should also recognise from Donnie Darko’s epic slow-mo school opening scene

Orphan Black – Season 2 Episode 5
Tears For Fears ‘Head Over Heels’

Orphan Black – Season 2 Episode 10
Adam Shaikh ‘Water Prayer (Rasta Mix)’

American Horror Story Coven – Season 3 Episode 10
Stevie Nicks ‘Rhiannon’

The Walking Dead – Season 4 Episode 15
A.C Newman ‘Be Not So Fearful

The Blogging Dead

I used to have a blog for Walking Dead stuff on  It kinda got lost in the digital ether due to other stuff going on and the lack of help – I had asked for other contributors to allow a steady stream of content.

So, now that Nerdgazzum has the seminal stages of a network going (this blog, my blog and the Blogging Dead) I figured I’d resurrect it and let it amble onward like a walker.

I’m still looking for contributors – had 3 people express an interest so far so can’t wait to see what content we get from them but still room for more – covering the comics, TV show, toys, videogames…anything TWD related is welcome!

So drop a comment or message me on Facebook if you’re interested!

SDCC 2014 (San Diego Comic Con) Exclusives Reveal

So the Funko reveals continue and this time there’s Pop! Vinyl awesomeness with:

  • A Bedrockin’ Fred & Barney twin pack (in 3 colour variants)
  • Vampire huntin’ with a bashed up Buffy
  • Wampa ridin’ with Hoth style Luke Skywalker and…
  • ‘Get to the chopper!’ to escape the clear Predator REAction figure


When You Wish Upon A Star…

NEW additions to the Disney Fairytale Designer couples line-up for 2014 just hit the interwebs.

So another five Limited Edition ‘happily ever after’ couples (they have no kids after all) have been revealed and as beautiful as Disney’s LE dolls usually are.

So here’s a sneak peek at
Tiana & Naveem
Pocahontas & John Smith
Cinderella & Prince Charming
Mulan & Li Shang
Aurora (in her Briar Rose getup) & Prince Phillip



Store Update 24/06/14

It’s been another huge week on the store – the total number of products available to order is close to the 400 mark.

It’s a mammoth task individually adding each product then manually linking them on the blog so, from now on, the update posts will just give a summary of products and selected items will be linked.

The store itself has had a number of changes also:

  • New Loyalty Points scheme (registered customers who have placed orders prior have had the points they would have earned if the scheme was available manually added and available to spend now)
  • Adding to your cart is even easier now that the page reload sequence has been removed!
  • New San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) section – a tidy little home for any SDCC Exclusives

So, what are the new goodies then? (For a more extensive list, see the bottom of this post!)

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So Fresh, So Clean

Yes, I’ve just ripped this post title from Outkast…so what?  It’s appropriate considering!

So yeah, you may have noticed the blog looks totally different.  A cleaner, fresher look.  The previous theme seemed a bit too bogged down; very busy with sluggish load times.  Some elements were also a struggle – the font was hard to read at times and he formatting was a tad messy despite my best efforts to keep everything neat and tidy.

But, I have a question for you…what do YOU think of it?  Does it look good?  Are there any changes you would like to have implemented?  I’m open to suggestions (within reason).

Leave a comment and holla at your boy!