SDCC Promotion

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and, prior to all of the exclusives being posted all over the interwebs from Funko, Hot Toys, Mezco and all the other big names of the toy industry, images are flooding the web from yesterdays PREVIEW and I must say – I am super jealous of the folks that are there!

The shots of the stuff on the floor are incredible, the cosplay pics so far are immense and it just looks like too much fun!

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase – the folks that are at SDCC are getting to see and buy incredible items.  Now, we may not have many SDCC Exclusives (at the moment anyway – a lot of items are very limited so access to them all depends on how many sell at the con).

I promised at the end of June to run a quadruple Loyalty Point scheme during Comic Con.  You don’t have to be at SDCC to grab some awesome stuff and you get 4 times the normal points for doing so…it’s a deal, it’s a steal…

The promo went live yesterday to tie in with the SDCC Previews and it will run until around midday on Monday 28 July.

Yesterday was a huge day in terms of additions to the store – over a hundred new items were listed (I counted 106 in total).  The majority are available now (only a couple of pre-order items went up yesterday).

What are you waiting for?  Get on over to the store and snap up some items and grab a fistful of points while you’re at it!


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Store Update – Week 29


This week has been awesome – a huge order came in and many happy customers and friends now have new additions to their Funko collections as well as other items they’re into!

eBay sales have been good as well as the store so things are working out rather well so far – the fact my supplier dropped that impromptu stock of Funkos bringing a lot of items forward from their expected release dates.

If you’ve bought any items, I’d be extremely grateful if you would drop a review on the item(s) you’ve purchased on the respective product page on the store.

In the meantime, here’s what’s new for this week:

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Store Update – Week 28

Hey folks…been a mad week this week…quite a few new additions as well as a massive surprise – a lot of the Funko POP!s that were expected later this month/next month have dropped so a huge order has been placed and stock is expected next week.

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Store Update – Week 27

Howdy folks!

Not as big a week this week – been busy sorting out the blogs as well as looking at new suppliers.  Plus I’ve been busy round the house and making other uses of my annual leave while it lasts.

In the meantime, here are the latest additions:

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