Store Update – Week 34

It was a bit of a manic week last week – what with the disappointment of the SDCC Venkman & Slimer being pulled so I can’t fulfill those orders, then awesome news about Deadpool unmasked (the 2 variants) and news from back home meaning I had to head up to Scotland last minute which meant the blog post has been delayed.

Anyhoo, here ya go, last weeks goodies!

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Store Update – Week 33

This weeks update is mahooooosive!  The largest number of items for a good few weeks have been added and amongst all of that delectable goodness…SDCC Exclusives!!!

As a newcomer to the game, I was panicking as I really wanted to be able to sell SDCC items and for a while I was thinking I was stuck with just the one (Deathstroke) but then, my supplier dropped me an e-mail and my jaw hit the floor!

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World Of Warcraft Trailer

All I can say is “WOW”.  Pun may be intended, I’m still flabbergasted to determine my intentions.

It’s been a long long time since I last played World of Warcraft.  When I heard about a movie I was pretty excited but after seeing the trailer I’m just a puddle of fluid right now!

If you haven’t seen this glorious trailer check it out below.  If you already have, check it out again and increase the puddly-ness!

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Oh My!

What a day!

The SDCC Exclusives have been a huge hit – over £600 worth of sales today as of 21:10 GMT.  I’ve said it on Facebook but thanks to everyone for their custom – for new customers I hope to see you again once you’ve received your orders!  And for returning customers, thanks for coming back! I also thanked and wish to thank folks on here for sharing and plugging the Nerdgazzum page and posts as a lot of these sales probably wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for that!

There’s been a surprising number of customers from the USA and a large amount of items per sale.

My phone has been hammered with e-mails regarding sales today and I couldn’t be happier as this marks a huge step in Nerdgazzum’s reach and credibility.  I want this business to be a huge success and become a name you remember and share.

I’m delaying the store update post until either Saturday or Sunday as I have some more goodies to put up and as I posted the SDCC stuff yesterday I don’t want to flood the system with product updates.

In the meantime, enjoy browsing the site and I look forward to seeing more new people and familiar names coming back – feel free to drop a comment below or hit up the comments on Facebook with any requests for other items if they’re not posted on the store.

Have a great weekend (I know I will)!


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SDCC 2014 Exclusives On Nerdgazzum

Today, in work, I received an e-mail from my supplier…as soon as I saw it was a list of Comic Con exclusives my phone could have literally melted in my hand!  I was super excited as I’ve been dying to get in on the SDCC action especially when I’ve seen a few folk I know gutted that they’ve not been able to get their paws on some of the awesome merch due to stock issues etc.

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The Rise Of The Tomb Raider Controversy

It was announced at Gamescom today that the next instalment in the Tomb Raider franchise is to be an XBox exclusive.

Naturally, a few folks are pretty pissed at this announcement.  As an anti-XBox gamer, I must admit I’m a tad annoyed as the last game was fantastic.  As a “hater”, I would deem it a move to assist a flailing next gen console gain sales – let’s face it, some folks are so passionate about certain games they would buy a new console just to play it (GTA: Liberty City Stories was the only reason I bought a PSP…only to later find it was to be released on PS2…)

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I Throw My Hands Up In The Air Sometimes Singing Ayo I’m A Lego


I raided my attic last night to bring my old Lego collection down.  What a trip down memory lane!  I knew I had a few sets but I didn’t realise I had as many.  The majority of them are nothing but bricks in boxes waiting to be rebuilt – some of which I did last night.

To my surprise, I also discovered a shed load of instructions (I thought I’d thrown them away as a kid but it turns out I’m more of a hoarder than I thought!)

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DC Comics New 52 Action Figures

It’s taken a little while but most of DC Collectibles’ newest action figure range – The New 52 – has been added to the store.  At present, some items aren’t listed as my supplier hasn’t listed them (i.e. Darkseid) – I’m hoping to have access to the ones that are missing to be able to offer the entire range!

Check out the dedicated store page here and the images below show you the sheer awesomeness of this range.


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Store Update – Week 32

Hello again people!

So, this week, some awesome stuff has hit the store (pre-order and new arrivals).

It’s been a little bit slower with the updates as I had my family down from Scotland so spent a bit of family time out in the sun (and rain) and exploring places I either never knew existed or had heard of but never been to in and around Merthyr.  It’s a bit mad what you take for granted on your doorstep and don’t really stop to take it all in once in a while!

Anyway, enough about that, here’s what’s new:

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New WWE Funko POP!s

A short time ago, Funko released glams for the new WWE series of POP!s.

Today, they have been added to the Nerdgazzum store available to pre-order now.  They are expected to be released towards the end of October/start of November this year.

Check them out and get ordering!

The Undertaker
Hulk Hogan
Randy Savage
Daniel Bryan
Triple H

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