Nerdgazzum Podcast 3 – Store Update Week 38

Hello again!

The new podcast would have gone up on Saturday night but I accidentally rebooted my laptop and hadn’t saved the file so had to re-record!

So, the store had its first batch of SDCC Exclusives hit as well as some other items.  Plus we have the newly added items for pre-order.

Now, here is THIS weeks (last weeks now…) offering of updatey goodness.


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The Retro(per)spective #1

Hello and welcome to a new feature to the Nerdgazzum Blog.

In this irregular feature, I will be plucking out elements from “back in the day” – bearing in mind I was born in 1984 so experiences may vary!

So, let’s take a trip back to 1996…

My brother worked in a video shop (a video shop was kinda like Netflix but instead of scrolling through titles you were actually IN a shop browsing VHS titles with your hands and sneakily tucking titles to the back of the ex-rental section while you nip to an ATM to get cash out or buy yourself some time to decide if you want it or not).  Anyhoo, I used to get free reign over movies and videogames that the shop had – as well as getting surplus time code recorded VHS, merchandise (I still have a pack of cards that were a promo for Casino).

One of my favourite Playstation titles (now known as PSOne or PSX) was Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.  I would have the game out A LOT – I’d have to take it back from time to time to allow others who may want it (so my bro wouldn’t get in trouble) but the hours I spent on this game was phenomenal.

One of my first thoughts was “Wow, this is so fucking cool” (yes I swore a lot when I was 12…I actually swore a lot before I even hit double digits – nothing to brag about, kids).  The first time I thought this was when I consumed blood from a poor peasant…without even touching them – OMFG you can suck blood from victims remotely!!

Vae Victus!  To look at the game now, it doesn’t look good…but gameplay-wise, older games had it down.  It is a pretty linear game with a few freedoms here and there.  Characters are rich and draw you into the story and if you can see past the graphics you’ll find a gem that may change your life.

The voice-over work is fantastic, adding another layer to the depth this game has to offer as well as the general sounds/ambience.

If they could do an HD remix of this game without losing any of the original qualities and, I dare say, steering clear of some of the issues the 3D sequels wrought upon us then I’d be a very happy chappy!

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Nerdgazzum Podcast 2 – Store Update Week 37

Hey folks!

After a bit of an impromptu hiatus due to me going to Scotland and then coming back to issues with my webhost meaning the store was down for 5 days straight I am back!


So, as I mention in this episode, Week 36 was omitted due to the issues and me having been able to add only 2 items which need to be re-added.

Here’s a visual of what’s new for last week:

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The Nerdgazzum Empire Strikes Back

After 5 consecutive days of downtime, the store is back (no thanks to my host who has done bugger all)!

Trying to wrap my head around MySQL databases, tables and queries as well as taking snippets from Google and splicing them with other answers/ideas I managed to make sense of the situation and get my store back using a slightly outdated back up.

As a result, some customers who had registered and/or placed orders are not registered on the system (5 people in total – all of which have been e-mailed to advise I have their order details on e-mail but just need them to re-register in order to allow them to monitor their orders as well as allowing them to maintain the loyalty points earned on their purchases).

On top of that, there will be a large number of SDCC Flocked Rocket Raccoon Funko POP! vinyls coming next week along with a few other SDCC exclusives.  Hopefully the rest won’t be far behind – Bloody Hannibal, Luke/Wampa and Spongebob and others.

Week 36 didn’t get an update due to the timing – only 2 items had been added (they’re gonna need re-adding due to this issue) and Week 37 won’t see much of an update as it’s almost over but I have a load of new Funko POP!s to add and ReAction figures too.

Stay tuned for the exciting updates and, if you encounter any bugs or glitches, message the Facebook page, Tweet me or e-mail me.

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

I’ve been playing this game for some time now – it seems more engaging than The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Comic Con event – despite how laborious it was and based on how much time you needed to spend on the game to try and maximise your rewards etc it was well worth it!

I wanted to post about this as it is a really good game and the latest update has made it even better.

Previously, once you have tapped a citizen after they have completed a task, they wander off and if you have lots of coinage and XP drops around them, tapping on them to assign a new task can be a fiddly affair.  Now, a handy little icon in the top left appears to quickly pull up their actions list and choose a task without the hassle!

It reminds me very much of The Sims with this handy new addition.

On top of that, Meg finally gets an alternative costume – ‘Prison Meg’!

District 9 is also mentioned in the latest update meaning we can finally get Tom Tucker!

If you haven’t already, get in on the action on iOS or Android.  You won’t regret it.  Well you might, but not for the wrong reasons!

Store Outage – Army of One

After a brief burst of life – the store was back with a couple of features missing on the front-end (banners and some other page blocks) but it was working fine.  Back-end was limited – registered customers and products all intact.  But a huge chunk of data was missing.

I took the store back offline as I couldn’t risk orders being screwed up or lost in the ether – not everyone visiting the site will check the blog or the Facebook/Twitter pages so many folks wouldn’t know what’s going on.

Fortunately, I have kept a very primitive spreadsheet of orders received so far so I know who is having what when stock hits – one saving grace!  But I don’t fancy reloading all those orders manually, causing further confusion and inconvenience for customers.

A fifth call in to my host and I got some sense this time – 2nd line support have been passed the ticket to root out the fault – since they had a 500 server error issue 4 nights back, my store back ups seem to have been corrupted as well as elements of the store itself.  No matter how recent or old the backup is, it will fail to restore all data.

This has caused a huge issue for myself – newborn baby and 2 older kids and this is taking up oretty much all of my time.   Not fair on them and at times like this I wish I wasn’t the only person behind Nerdgazzum.   Hopefully some good will come out of the stress I have had over the last 3 or 4 weeks – I really need to lose weight for example…

In the meantime, stay tuned on Facebook, ‘the’ Twitter, Google+ as well as here for any further updates.


Batmobile Full Reveal

So the interwebs has been full of sneaky pics and blurred shots on Instagram of the Batmobile on set.

Despite the lack of quality, they were still tantalising but – my good golly – this image is breathtaking.  Tumbler-esque but a bit more rough around the edges and nastier looking (as in more kick-ass).

Hot fudge holey moley, Batman! Another image of the ‘mobile!

As time goes on, more and more tidbits are coming from set and via official announcements as well as hints here and there from various folks involved or the potential folks to be involved.  DC/Warner seem to have finally found the ability to fully rival, if not surpass Marvel – all that’s to be done is release the movie and see how it fares against Marvel’s roster.

I truly hope they can finally achieve the greatness that they have enjoyed on the animated features side and bring that to the live action features.

Store Outage

Hey folks,

My web host had some issues overnight – the blogs seem fine but the store is down.  I’ve been working on it practically all day and have contacted their support to have it looked into server side.

Rest assured, everything that can be done is being carried out and hopefully the store will be back in full effect in no time!

Considering the last few weeks that I have had this is just taking the mick – I have so many updates to get on the store and orders to update in regards to shipping.

I have contacted folks via alternative means whilst the issues continue.

Thanks for your patience and apologies once again for the inconvenience!


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Nerdgazzum Podcast 1 – Store Update Week 35

Nerdgazzum’s first ever podcast – rough around the edges but hey, who’s judging?


The store hasn’t had much of an update due to personal matters and this week (week 36) is likely to have very little added due to even more things going on personally.

Rest assured, I will be back on form soon!

Here’s what’s new:

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