Wasteland Diary – Day 1

It’s been a whole 24 hours since Fallout 4 arrived.  I got up the same time yesterday as I did today yet this morning has flown by whilst it dragged like Hell yesterday as I tracked Gareth (Mr DPD Delivery Dude) until my Pipboy Edition came a-knockin’.

According to my latest game save, I have spent around 10 hours playing.  In truth, it’s more like 12-14 hours when you take into account back tracking due to deaths.

So far, I have completed 4 quests (3 story related and 1 side quest).  What have I done with the rest of my time?  After returning to Sanctuary (your hometown) I spent hours cleaning up debris and other clutter and building houses, wind turbines for power, planting crops, placing beds and sourcing water to keep my folks content.  On top of that, I have been exploring the Wasteland and finding locations for fast travel, scavenging for items I can breakdown for materials for crafting and picking up magazines and, of course, on the prowl for the elusive Vaultboy Bobbleheads.  So far I’ve found 1.

In terms of glitches, I’ve only encountered two:

  • I was at a robot dumping ground and was trying to jump over a wrecked car and got stuck the chassis.  I could run, jump, crouch but only on the spot.  Thankfully, I just fast travelled back to the dump and steered clear of the ‘dead spot’.
  • During a conversation with Preston Garvey in Concord, the subtitles for his speech stuck on him asking Sturges a question.  When Sturges was talking, the dialogue was perfect but the subtitles remained stuck.  Exiting the conversation then cleared it from the screen.

All in all, by this time in most other Bethesda games, I would have bumped into a lot more so this is better than expected (especially after seeing a lot of others complaining about certain glitches) – day one patch to thank, perhaps?  Yup, most likely.

Combat-wise, I only started using VATS within my last hour or two of playing and I like the fact it no longer freezes your enemies so it ups the ante and makes you have to consider your shots wisely.  Aiming is not perfect but much better than previous iterations so the dependency on VATS is saved for the trickier opponents.

In Concord, I took on a Deathclaw (and died half a dozen times) but managed to strike out (this was way before I remembered about VATS) eventually after dumping a load of inventory back at Sanctuary (I was over encumbered by about 100) so the freedom of movement meant I could dodge and weave around buildings and wrecked cars to take him down.  With VATS I probably would have done it first time but (in all honesty) I didn’t know what the control was to activate it as I couldn’t remember.  My power armour only had one leg and chest piece left.  The rest had been obliterated.

Speaking of power armour, even though it has a ton of perks to wearing it, the fact that you have to consider your usage carefully as the power cores run out and you have to scavenge for more makes it even more enjoyable.  Resources and the lackthereof makes you put thought into your crafting.  Coffee cups and so on are in abundance but when you’re literally scraping places bare to find copper so you can put power lines in your settlement you begin to feel more like a runner in the likes of The Walking Dead.  So far, I have found nothing to use on my power armour so it’s dull and dreary skeletal frame stands opposite my house waiting for the day it can kick some ass in style.

I know there are a shed load of things I still haven’t done/found/witnessed and the fact that the open world environment allows everyone to create their own journey and go off in whatever direction they want so my experiences will vary drastically compared to everyone just captivates me and I’m keen to see what you lot have gotten up to.

Share your experiences (try to keep the spoilers out) below in the comments!  Here’s a vid of some of my gameplay as I was exploring – I die…a lot.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysi0Jsoi4Rw&feature=youtu.be&t=4s”] [/su_youtube]

Playstation Now – First Impressions

I recently signed up for the Playstation Now 7 day free trial.  The range of titles is pretty impressive and our buddies across the pond have had another load drop in this week – when the EU gets a hefty update is unclear – I haven’t found anything online as yet.

The service itself is pretty straight forward – you select the game you want to stream, it saves to the cloud and allows you to gain trophies…ideal for folks who either don’t or no longer have a PS3 and still want to play older titles – a nice way to get past the lack of backwards compatibility.

My main concern is the pricing.  £12.99 a month for unlimited access is pretty good but there are no deals for PS+ users.  A perk would be, for an extra few quid more, PS Now is an added feature to all PS+ users.   Most of us nowadays also have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and a variety of other streaming subscription services so the price is a bit off-putting.

If a monthly subscription isn’t your bag, then a 48 hour rental period for £2.99 or a 30 day rental period for £7.99 may be better BUT this is per each title meaning that the £12.99 option is more worthwhile unless you simply MUST play the odd title here and there.

To give the actual gameplay a review is difficult as my internet has been terrible over the past week meaning that even browsing the web has been a chore.  Sky, yet again, are having issues in my area – no doubt all that tinkering with the cabinets with fibre now being available here.  Sadly I haven’t played it much due to my connection issues hence this isn’t a review.

So far I have tried Twisted Metal, Everybody’s Golf, Crazy Taxi and Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time.  Due to my connection  I cannot fairly comment on the quality of streaming as I suffered a lot of input lag.  The games themselves loaded pretty smoothly and the only time the stream struggled was during the CG sequences on Ratchet & Clank.  Gameplay was fine aside from the input lag meaning that, as you can imagine in a platform game, timing of jumps and attacks were off resulting in a severe beating and level restarts.  At times, movement would get stuck so when you’re running, despite letting go of the stick, you keep going.  Again, that resulted in many deaths and me giving up to play a PS4/PSN game.

One thing I was quite surprised about was that Remote Play functions on PS Now.  I usually use the PS TV in my living room as my PS4 stopped working on my main TV (HDMI handshake issue, I think) so the PS TV gets me by until I’m in bed.  Obviously, due to my connection issues it struggled over Remote Play but the sheer fact it lets you do it is pretty awesome as a lot of features don’t work over Remote Play.

So, all in all, it’s a good service with a good selection of titles that looks to be getting expanded upon soon but for folks with poor upload speeds it’s not worthwhile unless you want to suffer from input lag to the point you Hulk out.  Plus, the price seems too steep for my liking especially as I already pay for PS+.  Seeing as PS+ gives us access to PS3 titles monthly, for those that can’t redeem them it would be awesome to allow unlimited access to that game on PS Now.

If you’ve tried it out, share your thoughts below!