A Link Between Worlds…

So back in Birmingham a few months ago after seeing the Figma Link figure at the last Midlands Comic Com I decided he was super cool and I wanted him but not for the £50 or so he usually goes for.

figma Link5-500x500

Anyway, a few weeks later the Real Action Heroes (RAH) doll came along and he’s super beautiful. He’s a fully clothes 12″ Skyward Sword style Link with accesories galore!


Now Figma Link has taken a back seat… for a while at least. Only problem is the RAH Link retails at around £150 I know right<a and I can't justify paying that right now on my wages.

Moving on from that, I found that Medicom do a naked RAH doll. Same size but without a face, hair, clothes or accessories.

So now my new obession has become getting a naked one (for around £40) and modding it to look like Link as a sacrifice for not getting the Figma.

Still with me? Good! The best part of this is that I already have a new friend doll dress maker in Lithuania who has recently started making me new dresses for my Disney girls.

When I get her finished stuff I’ll judge whether she’s Hyrule quality or not. Best part of it is that I can choose what he wears. Worst part being I have to paint and adult a face and hair (I really need to get myself an airbrush kit, any suggestions?)

So that shall be my next task unless a RAH Link appears on my doorstep from a generous friend or stranger.

Which Link would you go for?

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