Arrow – Episode 14 – Time Of Death

The latest episode of Arrow was fantastic to say the least.

The Clock King is the featured villain this time around with the show opening to his strict time management during a robbery that goes a bit pear-shaped due to the impatience of one of his lackeys.

Sara & Laurel are still not on speaking terms until a turning point later that looks to be about to set Laurel back on the path to recovery.

Felicity feels put out as she’s no longer “Oliver’s girl” but events later on show her in a new light – interesting full-circle from an earlier conversation in the episode around scars and Felicity’s lack of them.

The highlight for me was the ending…

[su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]Oliver is duped into going back to the Queen estate by his sister, Thea, as she has sensed the tension between Oliver and Moira (after all, they’re hiding a huge secret that would rock Thea’s world if she knew the truth about who her father really is). Moira was in the middle of a meeting and you hear a voice from someone off-screen and already you know who it is…but then Oliver walks in to meet the deathly grip of none other than Slade Wilson. Oliver’s past from the island is well and truly catching up with him. Now that Slade has made his presence known, is this the path to a chaotic run up to the finale with Deathstroke The Terminator? All I know is, I can’t wait. After seeing Slade tooled up in ‘Blind Spot’ I need more Deathstroke in my life![/su_spoiler]

There was a very touching scene in an island Flashback with Sara and the downed pilot who is about to breathe his last breath and he asks that Sara looks out for his daughter…again, a nice little full-circle moment to explain a relationship Sara has after life on the island.

After the little break Arrow has had, this is a fully engaging and teasing episode to slam us back into the action.

If only the saying ‘Tempus Fugit’ were actually true!


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