Music From The Borderlands

Two blog posts in one day?  Double-yew-tee-eff?

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and figured I’d do it now seeing as I’ve written a post earlier.

Now, Borderlands.  Fantastic game series (although, I must admit, I got bored in Borderlands 2…well, not so much bored but sometimes I feel overwhelmed in open-world games and get anxious) and one major thing I love about them is the sound quality.  From the fantastic voice acting to the sound effects and ambience but what I REALLY love is the m from the opening sequences/adverts.

Borderlands turned me onto Cage The Elephant with “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”.

[su_youtube url=””]

Then there’s Borderlands 2 which came in with “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy.

[su_youtube url=””]

Sadly, I haven’t played any of the other games in the series with the exception of the TellTale Games.  At the time of writing this, I have recently completed episode 2.

Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1 features “Busy Earning” by Jungle.

[su_youtube url=””]

And, episode features Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra with “Kiss The Sky” which has now become my favourite tune at the moment!

[su_youtube url=””]

Aside from the kick-ass tuneage the sequences themselves are awesome.  I love how ‘ballsy’ they are.  Generally, the pop culture references and parodies within the Borderlands universe sings to me and hopefully, I shall be getting engorssed in the Handsome Collection some time very soon!

You may also notice that my Nerdgazzum cover photo that I had commissioned Sick Droid Artwork to put together for me a little while back takes its inspiration from the Borderlands cover.



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Nerdful Things 30/05/15

I’ve been slacking on the blog front – finding time to concentrate to write something of substance has been a bit of a battle due to a variety of factors.  Not knowing what to write about has been a major one, mind!

Hopefully this can become a regular feature and, I’m pretty chuffed with the image I rattled up in Photoshop in an homage to my favourite author.  Ever.

So what is’Nerdful Things’ about?  Well, in a nutshell, it’s a showcase of the items you NEED in your life.  From Batman to My Little Pony, I felt that amidst the plethora of updates that go out, it’s easy to miss some killer items I have for sale.  Think of it as my very own ICYMI (in case you missed it).

Along with that, you can of course subscribe to the RSS feed for the store to keep up with any updates!

Anyhoo, let’s crack on with this weeks Nerdful Things (apologies for the bias towards DC)!

First up…


I was able to get 5 of these awesome Mezco Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 12:1 action figures in.  2 have sold and I figured I’d keep one for myself as the prices elsewhere (provided it’s in stock) absurd and they’re only going to get more expensive over time I’m sure!

Next up, these awesome Hello Kitty DC Wonder Woman, Super Woman and Batwoman Plush dolls!  I’ve sold quite a few of these already – oddly enough, most have been to folks over in the States/Canada!  Everywhere else has these listed as available at the end of June but, fortunately for me, I have access to them super early.  I’m ordering them in per order so if you want to grab these at a super price (Forbidden Planet is listing them for £22.99 and then their shipping fees on top) then head on over to the store!

Next, we have this super cool Dark Knight Rises Nendoroid action figure.  This awesome figure seems pretty popular too (also decided to have one for myself)!

Surprise, surprise – another item I have ordered for myself (the Batman one).  Another popular range (Flash seems especially popular – the colours are awesome).  These Batman, The Flash and Superman mesh jerseys are a must have for DC fanboys and girls!

Moving away from DC (what?  I can’t help loving DC!) there’s the fantastic Jaws Funko ReAction figures.  Can you believe Jaws celebrates its 40th anniversary soon?  Can you also believe that folks STILL think the shark’s name is Jaws?  You can pre-order them now!  Items available:

Continuing with the Funko ReAction retro vibe…they’re baaaaack!  Yes!  These awesome Gremlins figures are available to pre-order.  Another staple of my childhood and many others’ – if these don’t constitute as Nerdful Things then I do not know what will!  Re-enact some of your favourite scenes with these little buggers!  Items available:

There are many more coll items on the store (the front page has up to 99 of the newest listed items) and of course there is the RSS feed as I mentioned above!

If you don’t already, then like my page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Also, check out my items on eBay!


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1,000 Likes Competition

I posted on Facebook earlier today regarding the (much delayed) 1000 like competition.  I’m still working on the details but felt I should say a bit more about it here.

So it’s for this stunning Harley Quinn Play Arts Kai figure.


x_sqe32132_a x_sqe32132_b x_sqe32132_c x_sqe32132_d

I don’t want to bring the mood down by delving into my woes which have kinda caused the delay – there’s enough of that (and I’m sure there’ll be more) over on my personal blog.

So, once I have the details finalised I will update Facebook and this blog with the 411 and, in the meantime, feel free to spread the word for any folks you reckon would be interested in this awesome prize!


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Delayed Items

[As of 30/09/15]

Seeing as there are a number of items I have on order with my suppliers and, in some cases, some are suffering extreme delays so I figured it’d be a good idea to have this post as a means of giving real-time updates on the status of said items.

Now, I have had a number of e-mails and communications with customers – some polite and understanding.  Others not so.  I have even had the accusation of running a false store front (despite the fantastic feedback on eBay, the Facebook page and the store itself…) so I thought this would also be a good idea in the name of transparency and to build an element of trust for customers who have never bought from me before and these form their first purchase or they may have heard of such issues.

As much as I’d love to be able to dictate to Funko and/or my suppliers what’s what in the world of distribution, I can’t.  I have no control over such matters and can only pass the information on.

I have had some issues with customers demanding refunds and, due to the nature of their purchase(s) this is not possible (as per the terms and conditions that they agree to upon completion of the checkout process)

I understand how frustrating delays can be.  Trust me, I know from both sides of it being a consumer and a retailer.  So, without further ado, here is the latest I have on the items subject to delays:

First up, and the biggest thorn in my side is the SDCC 2014 Unmasked Deathstroke.  There is no ETA on him at the moment but I have been assured he will be coming in.  He’s the biggest pain for me due to the fact a large number of folks are awaiting him…including myself for my own personal collection!

EDIT: Deathstroke orders cannot be fulfilled as stock cannot be acquired.  Please read this post for more details.

SDCC 2015 Grinning Ultron is incoming and should be here this week.

Rapunzel (with Frying Pan) is continuously being chased.

Ghostbusters Vinyl Idolz are unavailable – all affected customers have been contacted and refunded.

Next up: Winged Castiel.  I had a batch in a while back and, since then, he seems to have grown even more popular meaning that there’s a few I am waiting for to fulfil a number of orders.  More were expected by the end of April but I am awaiting an update on this as, obviously, we’re past that point now.

Dancing Groot and Gold Smaug have also suffered delays since the last batches were in.  As with Castiel, above, they were expected by the end of April and are pending an update.

I will sticky this post so it’s easy to navigate to and update it as and when I have further info!


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Alongside being on iTunes, I have submitted my podcast to a variety of sites to “ping” it.

I am working on a structure to the “show” to make it something a lot more streamlined and “worth the download”.  I need to figure out what I want my podcast to actually be.  For Nerdgazzum I’m thinking some shop talk and some geek news at the forefront and just go with the flow and let it grow to eventually take on what else suits the theme.

In the meantime, any constructive feedback is welcome so I can tailor this into something that folks enjoy!


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Pen-y-Fal Car Boot Sale

It’s been a while since I last blogged – I want to take a moment to explain but it’s not all doom and gloom, I promise!

Recently, I have been suffering severe pain in my abdomen and surrounding areas.  As a result, I went through a couple weeks of being “off my face” on a variety of painkillers as well as being worried sick – it’s not even been a year since my Mum has passed and my mind resorts to the worst case scenario.

During this time, most of my efforts have gone into ordering items in and dispatching them as well as responding to any messages and e-mails.  Site updates and trying to arrange the giveaway for hitting 1000 Facebook likes have fallen by the wayside.

Up until recently, I pretty much spent my time lazing around checking my phone/tablet for any messages and sharing posts on the Nerdgazzum page/group.  Oh, and playing my PS4…lots of PS4 time – mainly trying to 100% GTA V!

On Sunday (Easter Sunday), my other half and her mother mentioned a car boot sale – her mum had a load of stuff she wanted to clear out of the house  – and suggested that I take some of my items as a means of promotion and see if anything sells there.  I really wasn’t feeling up to it that night and in the morning I couldn’t muster the energy to get up.  It was then that she was going to take some of my items and do it for me but I figured that getting out and getting some fresh air would help seeing as I hadn’t really set foot outside for days except to go to the doctor.  PLUS, if anything got damaged I would be fuming!

So I reluctantly got my stuff together.  Boxes of Funko POP!s as well as a number of other items (keychains, magnets, blind bags etc.)  I really wasn’t looking forward to it – you don’t really get people selling much brand new stuff at retail prices at car boots…but then it was always about promoting too; handed out a load of business cards to buyers and anyone that took an interest in any of the items or lingered around for a bit.

After about 15 minutes, I was ready to pack up and leave.  Most people ambled over, perused the items and turned their noses up and shuffled off.  This place is not my market.  If you have to explain what a Funko POP! is to someone, evidently they are not going to buy.  Kinda like in the top-end fashion stores – if you have to ask how much, you clearly can’t afford it.

About 20 minutes later, after taking some Star Wars salt and pepper shakers out of their box to showcase them (people stopped to check the box out but couldn’t really figure out what they were – the box doesn’t make it explicitly clear).  Within minutes of doing so, they sold.  An older gentleman whose son loved Star Wars as a kid and collected all the Kenner figures etc.  This guy was my kinda guy – I could relate.  He bought these items for his grown up son based on beloved a beloved past-time.

My “stall”attracted a lot of attention after this – it happened in waves.  Lots of people crowding, asking questions.  A lot of sales that never happened because they clearly hadn’t budgeted for retail prices.  But every now and again I’d get “my people”, existing collectors in some shape or form that took an interest in my items and engaged in “geek talk”.

A lot of people said they would check my Facebook page out and the website – and, a lot of them were true to their word.

And, in terms of how small a world it is, I even bumped into someone who already like the page and made her first purchases .

I am glad I forced myself to do it, not only because I made a lot of money in the 2 hours or so that I was there or because it’s attracting more local attention but because it has helped make me feel better – I am still in pain, but it is nowhere near as bad.  This may be a mere coincidence but generally I feel better in myself and I’m sure the fantastic weather and just getting some good old fresh air has done me wonders.

Going forward, I plan on attending more – I want to look at setting up incentives/competitions at some stage if folks spot me there.

In the meantime, thanks to the folks who purchased from me and who stopped to chat, it was a refreshing change and hopefully I can meet you all again and deliver more awesome directly to ya!

To check out what events are coming up, have a gander here!

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Kevin Smith: The Jump-On

I saw a question on a Facebook group earlier asking what everyone’s jump-on was to Kevin Smith.  For some it was Clerks, the one that started it all.  But, based on different generations, availability etc. everyone will have a different movie/medium that drew them in.

I figured, seeing as I hold Kev’s book “Tough Sh*t” as the reason/inspiration to start running my own business and based upon the recent news that Mallrats 2 is gonna be happening, that I will drop my 2 pence (cents as the folks over the pond would say).

Mallrats started me off.  I would have been 11 when it came out but it wasn’t until around 2003/04 (I was 19/20) when I discovered my first Kevin Smith flick.

I worked in a town called Galashiels in the local Council offices in Non-Domestic Rates. It was 9-5 Mon-Fri.  I’d get an hour for lunch but I’d only take 30 minutes – if I could take less I would have; we worked on flexi-time so I’d take shorter lunches to bank up time for days off/early finishes/late starts.

Each lunch, I would do the same thing.  I’d walk up through town to WH Smiths and Woolworths (way before they went bust and went online only).  I would spend a while browsing the movies and games sections and always leave with at least 1 purchase (5 times a week every week – expensive lunchtimes!)

I remember the cover of Mallrats caught my eye and seeing as it was only a fiver I decided to buy it along with a couple other titles (can’t remember what they were).  After my first viewing, Mallrats became my go-to; I would watch it whenever I had nothing new to watch and often I’d watch it over and over until I fell asleep.

After that, not really knowing anything about the dude that made it, I bought Dogma.  I didn’t realise the movies had any connection until I watched it and met Jay & Silent Bob again.  At this point, the View Askewniverse had me.  I bought Clerks and them bought the Clerks animated series on eBay (imported from Australia).

And since then, I have made a point of watching/buying everything he has done.

If it hadn’t been for Mallrats all those years ago, I might not have become the outspoken, filthy animal that I am.  I may never have learned to let my geek back out after he was caged back in high school.  I may never have ventured on this journey that I have embarked upon.

Then again, I may have made something sooner instead of being as close to a slacker as I was…(reference intentional 😉 )

Where did you “jump on”?

Living Daylights – My Time So Far On Dying Light

Yet another zombie game.

That’s what you could think and what you probably will think.  But you’d be wrong.

Ever imagined what Glenn’s life in Walking Dead was like before the group decided to move after Rick’s arrival?  This game gives you a bigger insight into survival in a zombie outbreak situation.  It’s quite an adrenaline rush venturing out, scavenging for items to craft weapons and to trade to scrape together some cash for bigger and better weapons before it gets dark.

Your undead adversaries are rather docile by day, although still a tough challenge if they swarm you – wrestling yourself free from their deadly grasp can be tricky if you are surrounded as you get grabbed from all angles and if you don’t have a spare few seconds to use a medikit you’re pretty much screwed.

The visuals are lush – you start in the slums and despite the fact the premise is very samey, the exploration and, at times, the adrenaline fuelled parkour to escape deadly foes disguise the mundane.  The location is beautiful in a bizarre and morbid kinda way but at the heart of it, most buildings you can enter are practically identical in terms of design, layout and decor but when you’re scurrying around trying to find a DVD or a book for one of your sidequests you barely notice.

Wait, did I say DVD?  Yes, electricity is still working as is gas and water.  So, in a strange turn, rather than being without any sort of amenities etc. folks can still enjoy some pastimes.  Not that you get to, mind.

Story-wise, I’m only about 11% in after playing for just over 10 hours.  I think the story could probably be completed rather quickly but there are so many side quests and other tasks to do that I end up side tracking a lot – this reminds me a lot of Fallout but without the clunkiness of a VATS interface.

You start off by parachuting into Harran – your character is a mystery that is explored between missions when you have to sneak off to radio back to your handler – a mysterious woman who works at the GRE.  As you go on, it turns out you’re planted there to infiltrate and gain intel.   As you’d expect, things get complicated and I’m guessing allegiances are tested and broken.

The skill system is what you’d expect but, to be fair, I have noticed gradual changes as a result of unlocking new skills.  Unlike other games where you unlock a new ability and you just seem all-powerful until a situation arises where another power/ability is required, here the changes are more subtle.  For example, I unlocked a skill for improved free-running.  Now, when I run and leap between buildings the flow is much smoother – rather than feeling like an overweight, unfit twat the running feels like you’re becoming…well, fit.  Adept at doing activities that were previously a struggle.

Unlike other ‘survival’ games, guns are a rather rare element – at least so far.  I discovered a gun in someone’s house (the previous owner no longer required it seeing as he installed a sunroof in his cranium) but I then gave that to a chappie back at the Tower (the base of the folks who take you in at the start of the game).

My second and most recent discovery of a gun is on a mission for another group where you have to locate one of his teams and now I own a machine gun.  I made the mistake of using it to pop a few heads and now I have about 7 rounds left and that’s it – again, another significant difference – usually you find guns and then there’s no going back to melee weapons.

The drop-in/drop-out co-op online play is a huge benefit at times – especially on quests that have you trek from one side of the city to the other.  My one  gripe so far is the fact that to speak to a NPC to advance/start a quest requires all of you to be there (unlike Borderlands where you could just start regardless of the others’ locations).  Some other players seem to have their own agenda and go off leaving you to fend for yourself.

I really like the competitions you can set up – go near a mast and you can race the other folks in your session to the top (I won my first one – yay!), you can compete to kill the most zombies, collect the most loot, kill other survivors…it keeps the online sessions fresh in a PvP kinda manner without resorting to Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag etc.

Another online mode is where you can have someone drop in on Be The Zombie Mode – it’s a case of you destroying the nests while your opponent has to stalk you and take you out.  It’s a tense game of cat and mouse – as a human you have a set number of lives to destroy the nests.  Armed with your UV light, you have to weaken the zombie until you can go in for the kill and in the time it takes for it to respawn you have to advance towards the nests.

In summary, so far, this game well and truly rocks.  It’s oddly addictive and I find I actually care about the folks I meet and my own character too.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 Save Glitch

So, like a good number of folks, I had the glitch where my Campaign progress wasn’t registering.

The first time it happened, I practically did the entire campaign in one sitting only to find that missions were flagged as completed.

I then decided to tackle the game on veteran difficulty and every few missions wouldn’t register.   After trial and error, saving and exiting after each mission I got as far as “Captured” and then I hit a brick wall.  After several attempts st this mission via mission select, it would not register that I had completed it.  I went on to try it on variius difficulties to see if that would trigger it but, alas, no.

I then tried deleting the game data and reinstalling it and pausimg the updates but still…no dice!

Then, after hours of replay time, I deleted my PS+ online game save, force uploaded my local game save and then deleted the local game save.  After that, I downloaded the online save and all the campaign missions displayed Veteran on each one.  No trophies popped…panic set in. I tackled “Terminus” and the credits rolled after completing it and still nothing.

After skipping the credits, a few moments later, all trophies popped: “A New Era”, “Hard Hitter” and “SP Prestige”.


Hopefully others will find this uselful – many forums and Youtube users seem to have had similar issues that have gone unresolved.

Let me know in the comments how you get on!

Alien: Isolation – First Impressions

This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

Upon booting up this game – I did the digital download from PSN – I fell in love.  The menu has the sinister yet familiar sound effects and ambience from the movies.

Starting the game launches a loading sequence similar to segments in the original movie where the Nostromo floats by and it has a grainy effect similar to the cams on the original crew’s suits when they venture out onto LV-426.

We find ourselves in the body of Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) daughter.  The story is a very intelligent narrative of events outside of the movie but interlinks with deleted scenes and plot points from the franchise.

On November 11, 2137, H. Marlow arrived at the station aboard the salvage vessel Anesidora, requesting emergency medical attention for his wife, C. Foster, who was attacked by a Facehugger but safely kept in stasis. Head of Medical Dr Lingard believed she could remove the parasite herself, but Seegson Chief of Operations Ransome blackmailed Lingard into telling him about the creature. He then convinced Chief Marshal Waits to choose to skip quarantine as they had found the USCSS Nostromo‘s flight recorder and that it meant a cut of the reward for the station’s crew.

On, November 14, 2137, a Chestburster hatched from C. Foster, killing her. Dr. Lindgard signed her death certificate and made the death cause classified. Waits and his men started to hunt the creature.

As the Xenomorph started to kill people, Seegson put the station on sale, making sure possible buyers knew nothing about the situation aboard. On November 21, 2137, Weyland-Yutani purchased Sevastopol and sent APOLLO new operational directives, including Special Order 939.

Source: AvP Wikia

What seems like a simple mission to recover the Nostromo flight recorder and discover what happened to your mother is anything but.

After walking slowly around (the ability to run later ‘unlocks’) your ship, the Torrens and exploring very familiar settings – the layout, structure and design are very similar if not identical to the Nostromo, you shortly embark on your journey to enter the space port.

I won’t spoil it but let’s just say it doesn’t go without a hitch and soon, you find yourself alone on what seems to be an abandoned space port with graffiti, vandalised equipment/rooms/shopfronts and something that seems…amiss.

I’ve spent an hour or so on it so far and crafted a few items, and it takes a chunk of time before you even see the xenomorph in the flesh and I can tell you, I don’t scare easy but as soon as I knew it was on the loose I got the chills and every single sound has me stop dead, wondering where the f%&k is it??!!