Back Once Again

What a cluster$%&* of a week!

One of the blog plug ins updated and stopped the blog from loading – just blank pages – even on my admin side…after a wee spot of Googling, I deleted the plug in that I updated and boom, we’re back.  But then, after still having no SSL activation (multiple tickets opened with my host) things seem to have gone breasticles up even more.

The blog started redirecting to my store for no apparent reason, then my personal blog stopped loading and giving script errors.  I fix my personal blog earlier this morning and this blog is still redirecting.  After changing Christ knows what, it appears to be back.

Then I get an advertising e-mail saying I may have been hacked and to buy protection from them – NO, I have not been hacked – your issues in adding SSL to my site has cocked all this up and until you resolve the various issues I have raised with you, I shan’t be spending another penny on you!

So, now we’re back after hours of potching in between looking after the kids and working 12 hours shifts, hopefully I can get some further updates done on the new store and perhaps launch it if I’m confident that it’s worthwhile – been having a number of issues getting my head around Magento and the lack of functionality without spending more money on extensions over what I can already do with Prestashop are concerning me (i.e. the inability to pre-order items on the store without me spending $89 to add an extension that will allow me to do that).

Apologies for any inconvenience – got a few followers of the blog so hopefully this little debacle hasn’t pissed you off!

Have a good weekend!

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