Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 Save Glitch

So, like a good number of folks, I had the glitch where my Campaign progress wasn’t registering.

The first time it happened, I practically did the entire campaign in one sitting only to find that missions were flagged as completed.

I then decided to tackle the game on veteran difficulty and every few missions wouldn’t register.   After trial and error, saving and exiting after each mission I got as far as “Captured” and then I hit a brick wall.  After several attempts st this mission via mission select, it would not register that I had completed it.  I went on to try it on variius difficulties to see if that would trigger it but, alas, no.

I then tried deleting the game data and reinstalling it and pausimg the updates but still…no dice!

Then, after hours of replay time, I deleted my PS+ online game save, force uploaded my local game save and then deleted the local game save.  After that, I downloaded the online save and all the campaign missions displayed Veteran on each one.  No trophies popped…panic set in. I tackled “Terminus” and the credits rolled after completing it and still nothing.

After skipping the credits, a few moments later, all trophies popped: “A New Era”, “Hard Hitter” and “SP Prestige”.


Hopefully others will find this uselful – many forums and Youtube users seem to have had similar issues that have gone unresolved.

Let me know in the comments how you get on!

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