Hallowe’en Treats

This month sees the return of the Hallowe’en treats only there’s a difference this time around.

Every order that is placed and dispatched this month will include some sugary treats as well as a raffle ticket which gives you a chance to win a mystery prize (horror/Hallowe’en themed).

On top of that, I am having a sale and will be adding more to the list on the run up to Christmas so why not bag yourself a bargain, get some sweets and a ticket and await the prize draw (it takes place in early November)?


1,000 Likes Competition – The 411

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Hello again folks!

After a lot of thought and consideration, I toyed with a number of ideas for ways in which to win this awesome Play Arts Kai Harley Quinn figure.

I thought of doing a Bonus Ball draw based on an upcoming Lotto draw – pay £1 per number.  Good, randomised way of doing it but it limits the competition to a maximum of 49 folks.  Plus, it’s not really a fitting way of putting this fantastic piece up for grabs!

The typical competition apps that are out there suck, to be fair.  It’s all well and good getting folks to like and share something – I mean, how may times have you hit like just for the sake of it and never gone back to the page or whatever again?

And, thanks to a mini brain-storming session some other ideas milling about in this floundering mind rose to the surface triumphant!

So, it seems only right that this lovable rogue receives your love to decide the ultimate winner.  It’s time to get your creative caps on and show how much you love her!

Entries can include any form of creativity – a drawing, a poem, short story, vlog, song, love letter (don’t creep us out too much)…anything that you feel conveys how badly you want this figure in a non creepy, pure fun kinda way.  Entries have to be unique (no Google images or similar means of cheating) – you have to personalise your work to show that it wasn’t ripped off of someone else so your name needs to be clearly on any written/drawn works as well as the hashtag #Nerdgazzum.  Any video pieces should be pretty obvious that you are who you are.  Any audio sent in needs to have your name mentioned either at the start or the end of your piece.

I know that sounds like a lot of work, but Harley Quinn doesn’t just give herself to anyone, puddin’.

The competition is open as soon as this post has been published and closes at midnight on June 30th so you have an entire month to hone your craft.

Eligible entries will then be assigned an entry number (any ineligible entries will be rejected).  After the cut-off date the entry numbers will be put into random.org to decide the winner!

Any written or drawn entries can be sent in via the Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter.

Audio/video submissions can be done via Youtube or any other audio/video site and send the link and details of your entry in a message on either the Facebook Page or Twitter.

The competition is open to all locations however, if an entrant outside of the UK wins, they will be liable for postage costs at the rate of International Signed For via Royal Mail.

Good luck, everyone!  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

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#1  Leanne Quinn Squires



#2 Raven Lilly



#3  Ellie Jayden



#4  SumBodyArt

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysi0Jsoi4Rw&feature=youtu.be&t=4s”]


#5  Dale Jenkins



#6  Lee Halliday



#7  Rachel Spilsbury



#8  Emma Scott



#9  Sharon Scott with a written entry:

Oh Harley Quinn fair of skin, full of sin how you have my head in a spin…

You drop the bomb and then your gone, I sit there torn…

Your smile its beaming but your lack of feeling leaves my heart reeling…

Oh Harley Quinn fair of skin please let me in to your heart of sin

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1,000 Likes Competition

I posted on Facebook earlier today regarding the (much delayed) 1000 like competition.  I’m still working on the details but felt I should say a bit more about it here.

So it’s for this stunning Harley Quinn Play Arts Kai figure.


x_sqe32132_a x_sqe32132_b x_sqe32132_c x_sqe32132_d

I don’t want to bring the mood down by delving into my woes which have kinda caused the delay – there’s enough of that (and I’m sure there’ll be more) over on my personal blog.

So, once I have the details finalised I will update Facebook and this blog with the 411 and, in the meantime, feel free to spread the word for any folks you reckon would be interested in this awesome prize!


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Facebook Page


I recently set up a new Facebook page in the advent of me getting my PS4 for Christmas (I have to fecking wait ’til then 🙁 ).

After I got GTA V for my PS3, I set up a Tumblr called Michael Parking Bay – the concept was simple: use Michael and park in silly places and take a pic and post it on there.

I liked a page on Facebook called Parking Like A Twat Merthyr Tydfil and, when I ordered GTA V for the PS4 I figured the scope for this type of tomfoolery would be huge considering the sharing features the PS4 gives you plus the first-person opportunities too!

As a result,  Parking Like A Twat San Andreas, Vice City & Liberty City was born.  Come and join in on the fun!  At 50 page likes, I’m doing a little giveaway as form of thanks!

I may even run random competitions for the funniest picture/caption going forward also.

So come on and like and share the fun!

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Hey folks – so I had a giveaway earlier in the month for the Facebook page reaching 300 likes.  Not long after we hit 500 and now it’s over 600.  The winner never got back to me so I’m running another giveaway as a means of re-doing that but also as an offering for hitting 500 likes.

So, simply enter below.  Answer the question and like the Facebook page (if you don’t already) and Tweet about the giveaway for chances in the competition!

The prize is a Halo Action Clix Red Spartan Battle Pack as listed on the store (had a few of them and they seem really popular – if you already bought one from the store or elsewhere, you can still enter).