PODCAST Episode 6 – It’s Been A Whiiiiiiiile

It has been a stupidly long time since I did a podcast that I uploaded.  This was just a quickie in which I am cleaning up the house whilst talking about the Christmas rush, lack of podcastery and a general overview of things going on with the store.


I intend to do more – despite me rushing around and breathing funny due to a cold, the sound quality on the Turtle Beach headset seems pretty damned good!


The super late episode in which I discuss items that are now weeks old!  Luckily I don’t spend too much time talking about them – this episode is a little “getting to know me” pod – I kinda talk about myself and give a bit of background about Nerdgazzum and myself.


I REALLY do hope to pod more regularly and have some cool new equipment that may just make that a little easier and allow me to stick to my best intentions!

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PODCAST: Gotham Commentary (With Brief Store Update)

Due to another hectic week with a variety of personal stuff going on (combined with illness and tiredness!) Week 39 didn’t really provide much fruit but, as mentioned at the start of this podcast, the lack of updates is negligible considering the biggest news yet has hit – SDCC Bloody Hannibal Funko POP!s (and more) are coming!!!

I intend to either write or even discuss this further in another podcast but in the meantime, here is a much delayed commentary of episode 1 of Gotham (the previous recording failed and trying to find time to sit down and watch a show in peace and quiet and record at the same time is tricky…)

Let me know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!


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Nerdgazzum Podcast 3 – Store Update Week 38

Hello again!

The new podcast would have gone up on Saturday night but I accidentally rebooted my laptop and hadn’t saved the file so had to re-record!

So, the store had its first batch of SDCC Exclusives hit as well as some other items.  Plus we have the newly added items for pre-order.

Now, here is THIS weeks (last weeks now…) offering of updatey goodness.


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Nerdgazzum Podcast 1 – Store Update Week 35

Nerdgazzum’s first ever podcast – rough around the edges but hey, who’s judging?


The store hasn’t had much of an update due to personal matters and this week (week 36) is likely to have very little added due to even more things going on personally.

Rest assured, I will be back on form soon!

Here’s what’s new:

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You Want A Podcast? I Got More Than Just SModcast (Only Just)

I love podcasts.  I love a SModcast podcast.  But I listen to more than just SModco podcasts.  Here, I will give you my top rated podcasts.  It’s a tough call to rank some of them because they are great so think of it more of a collection of best podcasts rather than a chart.

As I said in a previous post, I listen to a lot of SMod affiliated podcasts – it’s how I started out and then I discovered more and more.  Some I liked, some I loved…some I got bored of.  Here’s what makes my list (basically any I currently listen to, to be fair!)



The big daddy of my listening list.  SModcast is, as you can see above (for the most part) Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier shooting the shit.  From reading news articles of outrageous and hilarious (and sometimes terrifying) stories to the fact some of the latter then become inspiration and Kev then writes a script and shoots a movie based on it (Tusk).  We hear tales of the dynamic duo and their origin stories when they met in film school, shot Clerks, attended the Sundance Film Festival, Scott’s vasectomy and a SMorgy of other stories.  Scott is absent for a chunk while he was busy writing for Ultimate Spider-man.  In his absence, we hear Kev on his own, putting the world to rights with his mum (Grace) and a bukkake of guests such as Russell Brand, Gerard & Mikey Way, Mick Foley and a shed load more.

This is my favourite and it has gotten me through many a long drive from Wales up to Scotland to see my family and back again.  Foul, potty-mouthed and unashamed, this podcast is a must.  Even for those unfamiliar or not a huge fan of Smiddy, this is highly entertaining stuff!




To be fair, I was torn as to whether to have this sit alongside SModcast or not but seeing as SModcast was my first and Babble-On was introduced to me later, I have set it to this order.  However, this isn’t to say this podcast isn’t amazing.  Because it is.  With the lack of political correctness, Ralph Garman’s plethora of voices, Kevin’s baked and dumbed down character and audience interaction and participation, this show is non-stop hilarity.  Ralph’s hatred of Chelsea Handler and many other talentless c***s.  I went back and listened from episode one right up to the point I’m up to date with it – hearing it evolve has been great.  Many of the segments were amateur sounding and it took a while to take shape – still great but if you compare then to now you can see a huge difference!  The fans have contributed jingles and so on to give the show a nice, fun twist as each segment begins and the fan contributions such as “Shit That Should Not Be” and “Exquisite Acting”pile on the funny despite the fact we can’t see what’s going on!  And, the big (and I mean ginormous) finale…Liam Neeson’s Cock.  This is a Definite listen.  Especially if you want your lady to let you abuse her leather cheerio.




TESD…By far the best podcast on the SModcast network that doesn’t feature Mr Smith.  Well, with the exception of a visit or two in the early days.  This pod has gone from strength to strength as we observe the ups and downs of Bry and the changes within Walt who wasn’t keen on the pod and took offense at a lot of feedback in the past.  This was the podcast that kick started Comic Book Men (now in its third season and airs straight after The Walking Dead on AMC).  Some of my favourite episodes are the ones featuring Walt’s games such as One, True, Three ( a kinda call my bluff style game).  With ad-hoc guests like Rob Bruce, Git ’em  and walk-in fans that have travelled to meet the Comic Book Men themselves, it’s constant fun and enlightening at the same time.




I was severely torn here because this combines 2 or more of my favourite things ever.  Fatman on Batman has been huge in my eyes in terms of the guests that Kev has had (Grant Morrison, Neal Adams, Paul Dini and many more).  Hearing some of the inspiration behind the stories and characters as well as the off-topic conversations.  Grant Morrison is by far my favourite to date.  Not just because he’s a fellow Scot.  If you love Batman, Kevin Smith or both then this is a definite must listen.  As ever, like all Kev’s podcasts (well, technically all SModco podcasts) there is plenty filth and foul language so this is NSFW!)



Edumacation as one of the newest additions to the Smodcast Network.  Kev gets baked (as usual) while Andy separates myth and fact.  Another hilarious podcast but it has smarts!  Even I have learned things from this – interesting and funny – a rare combo, especially these days.  As I write this, it is 24 episodes in (still got to listen to that one) but each week it never fails to deliver.  They’re also doing a live show soon – be interesting to see if it becomes a live show like a lot of Kev’s other ones…)



The Nerdist podcast is one I later discovered – I found it hard to break into to start with.  It felt like there were too many inside jokes and I was trying to mingle with a group of really good friends as a newcomer and felt kinda left out but I started to listen to episodes featuring people I was interested in such as Mick Foley, Robert Kirkman, Kevin Smith and so on.  After that I went to mop up the ones I hadn’t listened to.  I’ve practically caught up but with work and other stuff I kinda always have 4 or 5 episodes in my list to catch up on.  The hostful episodes are a great, relaxed laugh but the named guests like celebs and so on are a great way to find out more about people I maybe wasn’t bothered with or never really knew.  I think the main reason I found it hard to get into Nerdist to start with was the fact there were no introductions and you’re just there like you’ve walked into a conversation and feel awkward and don’t know whether to stay or stand there politely waiting to be noticed.  It was mainly when the guests were people I’d never heard of or was terribly familiar with so lacked the context of what was about to take place in the podcast.


You may be thinking “Wow!  This isn’t affiliated with Kevin Smith!”  You’d be correct.  Kinda.  He’s appeared on this show a few times and Ralph Garman provides the showbiz news and all things movie related.  This is hilarious (and clean!)  The jingles crack me up and they phone celebrities and people involved in some of the news stories they cover (impersonators, of course).  Some of my faves are Susan Boyle, Harrison Ford, the Wendy’s blunt incident and the competitions featuring Ralph’s superhero quiz (just like on TV, you get infuriated at the fact people don’t know the answers).  A diverse range of guests, funny jungles and comical sound effects make this a must that is probably the only one I listen to that’s safe for work!


Not to be confused with Chris Hardwick’s (The Nerdist) TV show, The Talking Dead (on AMC), this podcast features Chris (not Hardwick) & Jason discussing the latest news, episodes and fan views and feedback around the TV show and their podcast.  Very light-hearted, relatively safe for work (can’t remember if they’ve ever sworn – no F Bombs I’m sure!)  This is a very enjoyable podcast for Walking Dead fans.  They’re 142 episodes in now (got the latest one still to listen to).  This podcast, as well as TWD itself, has introduced me to some new music as they play a song during their break before a sponsorship ad.

So, there we go.  I listen to a lot more than just this lot but these are my top picks.  In terms of geekiness and nerdiness, these fit the bill in some shape or form.  If you already listen to them then you’re awesome.  If you don’t, try becoming more awesome.

In the meantime, keep tasting our awesome.

Two Peas In A Pod(cast)

Podcasts…not many people know what they are let alone listen to them in the circles I move in.

I started listening to podcasts about 2 years ago.  I’d heard of them for ages and just assumed they were to do with iDevice users so never bothered (I’m not an Apple fanboy).  I’m not sure how I ended up listening – I had an iPod after my iRiver 320GB MP3 player broke and I used iTunes to manage my media and I think I just stumbled upon SModcast when I was randomly browsing through iTunes. It’s not the first time I randomly stumble into Mr Smith’s work…

I had been a huge Kevin Smith fan since I saw Mallrats (the cover just caught my attention – basic but eye-catching) in my mid-late teens.  I remember browsing through the DVDs as I did every day on my lunch breaks from work.  Not a day went by for a while that I didn’t purchase at least 2 DVDs daily – I worked Monday-Friday 9-5.  And then I’d buy videogames on the weekends.  It was great having a job and only paying my mum some ‘dig’ money (rent).  The rest was for my drinking and multimedia habits.  Anyway, I digress.

So, Mallrats sat there looking at me.  I had never heard of Jason Lee or anybody else linked to the movie.  I used to watch it whenever I was bored and had nothing else to watch – it was my ‘go-to’ movie to keep me entertained (I was dismayed to find out that this was like the black sheep of Mr Smith’s movie making career as I loved and still love this movie).

After that, I inadvertently bought Dogma, not realising it was the same director at the time.  When I saw Jay and his hetero-life-mate Silent Bob the link clicked in and my interest was piqued in Mr Smith’s work.  Dogma was one of the most fantastic movies I had ever seen and this, alongside Mallrats, became a go-to movie.  The amount of times I would watch this over and over, eventually falling asleep and waking up, in the wee hours, to the menu music playing over and over.  Around this time, I got the internet (“What the f*&# is the internet?!)

It was then, having access to interwebbery shenanigans, that I found Clerks.  I had to import it from the States (via the gift of eBay).  Clerks opened my eyes to what I had been missing.  It awakened the geek that I had repressed for years.  In primary school, I was into Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, M.A.S.K and various other geeky delights – most of my friends weren’t into the stuff I was so I felt like the odd one out and it became a point of mockery and bullying to some extent so I stopped being a geek to fit in.  Clerks awoke the sleeping beast.

Chasing Amy set the benchmark for me in terms of what a romantic film should be – the one that got away.  The fact that there aren’t guaranteed happy endings.  This was around the time I was trying to find my way in the world with love and had my fair share of hurt feelings and heartbreak so this movie hit home with a bang and I loved it for the fact it seemed to ‘get me’.  Obviously it was the other way around really, I got it because of where I was in my life.

After Clerks,I discovered the animated series (again, dismayed at the lack of love for this amazing cartoon series).  I imported this from Australia as I couldn’t find it anywhere else on (yep, you guessed it…eBay!)  The voice acting, stories and the fact that my favourite characters were back (in colour, I might add) was a pure nerdgazzum for me.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back was next for me.  I dread to think how many times I watched this movie.  I lived the fact you had Ben Affleck and Jason Lee reprising their roles from Chasing Amy and seeing how they had moved on, so to speak, within the View Askewniverse.  The gags had me hurting from laughter and, despite the fact I can pretty much act the movie out, it still gets the laughs and the adoration I had all those years ago.

Another abomination in Kevin Smith’s career(if you listen to the media and critics).  I loved this movie – it isn’t the strongest by far, but it had it’s outstanding moments.  It was the movie that actually made me interested in catching a show (Sweeney Todd or some other dark play/musical).

Well, what can I say?  You take Clerks, age the characters a bit, add colour and make it more vulgar and fucked up and voilà, you have this epic masterpiece that has also been watched an insane number of times by me.  Watching Kevin Smiths career unfold (albeit like watching a distant star in terms of my observation of it based on the fact I was a late Smiddy-bloomer).

And then, I discovered SModcast.  I was a good few episodes behind when I discovered this.  It was well into its stride when I found it in 2012.  I have managed to catch up on it as well as some of the other SModcast network podcasts that I listen to regularly – Tell ’em Steve-Dave (TESD), Last Week On Earth, SModco SMorning Show, Hollywood Babble-On and so on.  It allowed me to also catch the new ones as they began such as Edumacation & Fatman on Batman.

But, I shall leave it here – the precursor to my upcoming podcast dedicated blog post detailing my favourite shows and hopefully find other kindred spirits that enjoy the same shows…or even get you into them.  Enjoy the free funny.  Who knows…maybe I will do a podcast one day.  We have the hosting sorted after all.  Until then…

Keep tasting our awesome.