The Retro(per)spective #1

Hello and welcome to a new feature to the Nerdgazzum Blog.

In this irregular feature, I will be plucking out elements from “back in the day” – bearing in mind I was born in 1984 so experiences may vary!

So, let’s take a trip back to 1996…

My brother worked in a video shop (a video shop was kinda like Netflix but instead of scrolling through titles you were actually IN a shop browsing VHS titles with your hands and sneakily tucking titles to the back of the ex-rental section while you nip to an ATM to get cash out or buy yourself some time to decide if you want it or not).  Anyhoo, I used to get free reign over movies and videogames that the shop had – as well as getting surplus time code recorded VHS, merchandise (I still have a pack of cards that were a promo for Casino).

One of my favourite Playstation titles (now known as PSOne or PSX) was Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.  I would have the game out A LOT – I’d have to take it back from time to time to allow others who may want it (so my bro wouldn’t get in trouble) but the hours I spent on this game was phenomenal.

One of my first thoughts was “Wow, this is so fucking cool” (yes I swore a lot when I was 12…I actually swore a lot before I even hit double digits – nothing to brag about, kids).  The first time I thought this was when I consumed blood from a poor peasant…without even touching them – OMFG you can suck blood from victims remotely!!

Vae Victus!  To look at the game now, it doesn’t look good…but gameplay-wise, older games had it down.  It is a pretty linear game with a few freedoms here and there.  Characters are rich and draw you into the story and if you can see past the graphics you’ll find a gem that may change your life.

The voice-over work is fantastic, adding another layer to the depth this game has to offer as well as the general sounds/ambience.

If they could do an HD remix of this game without losing any of the original qualities and, I dare say, steering clear of some of the issues the 3D sequels wrought upon us then I’d be a very happy chappy!

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RETRO CORNER – Zero Tolerance

Ahhhh, the Sega Mega Drive II (or Sega Genesis). Many hours were spent honing my ‘skillz’ on the vast range of games I’d buy/rent/borrow. From Lemmings to Road Rash, from Golden Axe to Shining Force II…the nostalgia is overwhelming me.

One of my most favourite games was ‘Zero Tolerance’. I dread to think how much of my time this took up – in cumulative time it would be a significant number of days that’s for sure!

The visuals blew me away…despite the fact they weren’t that great, the game oozed visual appeal. The sound effects (again, not fantastic going by standards today) immersed me in the gameplay and I would play this game over and over.

Having loved the ‘Alien’ movies from the first time I watched them, I’d pretend that this was an off-shoot of that series (until Alien Trilogy came out on the PSX). I remember the character selection…and now I’m wondering did it make any difference who you chose, I mean really? Nonetheless, it was pretty cool to see the ID badge of your character at the bottom, reminding you of how bad-ass you look considering you only ever see your arm/hand as is traditional for your typical FPS (until the likes of Call of Duty etc where you see yourself in cutscenes and so on).





Just Googling this game and seeing the imagery makes me want to download an emulator and play it some time soon.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of this game, I suggest you do the same. Ifyou remember it, however, what’s your thoughts? Does it still or did it ever stand as a revered title from your gaming history?