The Retro(per)spective #1

Hello and welcome to a new feature to the Nerdgazzum Blog.

In this irregular feature, I will be plucking out elements from “back in the day” – bearing in mind I was born in 1984 so experiences may vary!

So, let’s take a trip back to 1996…

My brother worked in a video shop (a video shop was kinda like Netflix but instead of scrolling through titles you were actually IN a shop browsing VHS titles with your hands and sneakily tucking titles to the back of the ex-rental section while you nip to an ATM to get cash out or buy yourself some time to decide if you want it or not).  Anyhoo, I used to get free reign over movies and videogames that the shop had – as well as getting surplus time code recorded VHS, merchandise (I still have a pack of cards that were a promo for Casino).

One of my favourite Playstation titles (now known as PSOne or PSX) was Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.  I would have the game out A LOT – I’d have to take it back from time to time to allow others who may want it (so my bro wouldn’t get in trouble) but the hours I spent on this game was phenomenal.

One of my first thoughts was “Wow, this is so fucking cool” (yes I swore a lot when I was 12…I actually swore a lot before I even hit double digits – nothing to brag about, kids).  The first time I thought this was when I consumed blood from a poor peasant…without even touching them – OMFG you can suck blood from victims remotely!!

Vae Victus!  To look at the game now, it doesn’t look good…but gameplay-wise, older games had it down.  It is a pretty linear game with a few freedoms here and there.  Characters are rich and draw you into the story and if you can see past the graphics you’ll find a gem that may change your life.

The voice-over work is fantastic, adding another layer to the depth this game has to offer as well as the general sounds/ambience.

If they could do an HD remix of this game without losing any of the original qualities and, I dare say, steering clear of some of the issues the 3D sequels wrought upon us then I’d be a very happy chappy!

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