TV Round-Up

It’s been fairly quiet over here on the Nerdgazzum blog.  I broke the silence over on my personal one where I have come to accept that I am suffering from depression and that’s put a bit of a stop on most things Nerdgazzum.  All of THAT noise will be over on my blog as this isn’t the place and  I wanted to break the silence on this blog by discussing what’s happening on TV at the moment.

First up, the return of The Flash.  Great mid-season premiere.  Kinda tugs at the heartstrings what with Patty and Barry and Joe and Wally but still a gripping watch.  The best bit by far had to be the credits scene with [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]Eobard Thawne as the Reverse Flash who has somehow returned and is rather confused…[/su_spoiler]

Next, we have Arrow and things are getting very interesting.   We have Damien Darhk and [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]his family who we assumed knew nothing of his activities and it turns out his wife is fully in the know and, possibly, in ordering him…[/su_spoiler] Then there’s the question of who is in the grave? Seeing as [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]it’s not Felicity who I think will go on to become Oracle as she’s lost the use of her legs. I reckon it’s either Oliver’s son or the boy’s mother. Felicity wasn’t wearing the engagement ring when Oliver got back into the car and see seemed mighty pissed but Oliver wasn’t THAT broken up for it to be any of the team. Perhaps, because Eobard Thawne has returned at the end of Flash, Thawne causes havoc in Star City to weaken the fledgling “Justice League”…[/su_spoiler]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premiered and all I can say is “WOW”.  Another great ensemble made up of familiar faces with our new acquaintance, Rip Hunter.  Action packed and gripping throughout, the episode also tugged at heart strings at a couple of different points.  I can’t wait to see where they go with this and how the other shows tie in going forward because they will, especially after [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]recognising Gideon’s voice who is then named later on as the AI onboard the Waverider which, as we should all know by now, was created by Barry Allen.[/su_spoiler]

It took me a while to warm to Supergirl.  I felt it was the weakest in the CW lineup but she seems to be coming into her own.  The incessant references and name-dropping alluding to her cousin, Clark, got rather boring and annoying.  But towards the mid-season break it really picked up.  Maxwell Lord and his dark plan drawing us in with great interest and, of course the reveal as to who Hank actually is.  The latest episode, “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” was incredibly strong and CW seem intent at tugging at our heart strings across all of their shows at the moment This episode was a reminder of some of the fantastic storylines in Justice League Unlimited where [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]we see the fate of the Martians and J’onn J’onzz (Hank) becoming the last son of Mars. The White Martians were really well done and a far better depiction compared to the animated iteration.[/su_spoiler] and then the show closes with Supergirl saving a bus [su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]but as we know, it can’t be her as she’s sat eating ice cream watching the news as it’s happening. Looks like Maxwell Lord has created a Bizarro Supergirl which we kinda guessed when Hank infiltrated room 52…[/su_spoiler]

As stressful as having such a full TV calendar due to these fantastic shows starting back up, new shows announced and others returning soon (The Walking Dead) is,  I am still in awe that we are now in a world that accepts these bizarre storylines and characters as mainstream content and no longer a discussion kept at the back of class or away from the popular folk’s ears.  To see stuff from the comics and animated series make it to live-action and not on the “big screen” is truly amazing.   It’s an awesome time to be a geek.

Gotham – The TV Show We Do Not Need Nor Deserve

So, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Batman and the DC Universe and very rarely do I have a negative thing to say about anything Batman related.  Aside from my major disappointment with Arkham Knight and the abominations that were the Schumacher flicks I have nothing but love for the variety of story arcs and depictions of my beloved childhood hero.  Yet I find myself struggling with Gotham.  I tried so hard to like it.  I WANTED to like it but the spoon-feeding of references and cheesiness is reminiscent of the classic TV show and that ship sailed decades ago.

I initially envisioned a Gotham that was dark, gritty and needed cleaning up.  Season 1 had me thinking that was the case and I defended the show as I so desperately wanted it to be what I thought it would become.  But then the villains started happening.  A new villain every episode with every single hint of who they are spelt out in blazing neon.  Unlike DC’s other efforts over on CW where Flash and Arrow intelligently give newcomers a treat yet don’t alienate the diehard fans with boring references and big arrows pointing at who this newcomer on screen is.

I thought this show would centre on Jim Gordon and his battle to clean up Gotham without getting too dirty himself.  I pictured a young, grieving Bruce Wayne trying to find his way in life and finding a means to overcome the loss and emptiness the demise of his parents brings him.  I pictured a gritty CSI Gotham with subtle references and indications of villains’ origins through well written stories and cameos.  I pictured a tightly woven pre-Batman world that would hold gems for fans and newcomers alike.

I was wrong.  I still watch it.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps I cling to the hope a new writing team and/or show runner comes in as the offscreen Jim Gordon to clean this mess up.  Every time a new villain casting is announce I die a little inside and the calamity grows.  I really enjoyed the Court of Owls run in the comics and, season 2 brought us a link to that arc and I am displeased with how it has played thus far.  The Order of St Dumas came into play, Edward Nygma’s license plate is “RIDDLR”, Penguin’s bizarre and annoying mother…so many let downs that I lose respect for villains I respected and loved in the comics and other media.

Season 1 was the closest we got to what I expected; the (short-lived) turf wars between Falcone and Maroni (and the wretched Fish Mooney that was not required at all).  It was all down hill from there.   Just look at little Bruce, not at all consumed by his parents’ death as he should be.  This is the defining moment in this child’s life and he’s acting more like what a young Alan Sugar would as opposed to the heir to millions who was face to face with his parents’ killer and, who was technically responsible for their death.

The freaks in masks shouldn’t appear until Batman does – the age old argument, is Batman friend or foe and do we need him?  If Batman wasn’t around, would the lunatics have come out of the woodwork?

I watch Flash and Arrow and every time Cisco drops a name reference or every time you see the likes of a pilot’s jacket with the name ‘JORDAN’ with no major focus or reference to it I get giddy and the fanboy gets excited.  I watch Gotham where everything is spoon-fed to the viewer and I yawn and feel no excitement for the next episode.  Perhaps we did need a Gotham TV series.  Just not right now.

Wasteland Diary – Day 1

It’s been a whole 24 hours since Fallout 4 arrived.  I got up the same time yesterday as I did today yet this morning has flown by whilst it dragged like Hell yesterday as I tracked Gareth (Mr DPD Delivery Dude) until my Pipboy Edition came a-knockin’.

According to my latest game save, I have spent around 10 hours playing.  In truth, it’s more like 12-14 hours when you take into account back tracking due to deaths.

So far, I have completed 4 quests (3 story related and 1 side quest).  What have I done with the rest of my time?  After returning to Sanctuary (your hometown) I spent hours cleaning up debris and other clutter and building houses, wind turbines for power, planting crops, placing beds and sourcing water to keep my folks content.  On top of that, I have been exploring the Wasteland and finding locations for fast travel, scavenging for items I can breakdown for materials for crafting and picking up magazines and, of course, on the prowl for the elusive Vaultboy Bobbleheads.  So far I’ve found 1.

In terms of glitches, I’ve only encountered two:

  • I was at a robot dumping ground and was trying to jump over a wrecked car and got stuck the chassis.  I could run, jump, crouch but only on the spot.  Thankfully, I just fast travelled back to the dump and steered clear of the ‘dead spot’.
  • During a conversation with Preston Garvey in Concord, the subtitles for his speech stuck on him asking Sturges a question.  When Sturges was talking, the dialogue was perfect but the subtitles remained stuck.  Exiting the conversation then cleared it from the screen.

All in all, by this time in most other Bethesda games, I would have bumped into a lot more so this is better than expected (especially after seeing a lot of others complaining about certain glitches) – day one patch to thank, perhaps?  Yup, most likely.

Combat-wise, I only started using VATS within my last hour or two of playing and I like the fact it no longer freezes your enemies so it ups the ante and makes you have to consider your shots wisely.  Aiming is not perfect but much better than previous iterations so the dependency on VATS is saved for the trickier opponents.

In Concord, I took on a Deathclaw (and died half a dozen times) but managed to strike out (this was way before I remembered about VATS) eventually after dumping a load of inventory back at Sanctuary (I was over encumbered by about 100) so the freedom of movement meant I could dodge and weave around buildings and wrecked cars to take him down.  With VATS I probably would have done it first time but (in all honesty) I didn’t know what the control was to activate it as I couldn’t remember.  My power armour only had one leg and chest piece left.  The rest had been obliterated.

Speaking of power armour, even though it has a ton of perks to wearing it, the fact that you have to consider your usage carefully as the power cores run out and you have to scavenge for more makes it even more enjoyable.  Resources and the lackthereof makes you put thought into your crafting.  Coffee cups and so on are in abundance but when you’re literally scraping places bare to find copper so you can put power lines in your settlement you begin to feel more like a runner in the likes of The Walking Dead.  So far, I have found nothing to use on my power armour so it’s dull and dreary skeletal frame stands opposite my house waiting for the day it can kick some ass in style.

I know there are a shed load of things I still haven’t done/found/witnessed and the fact that the open world environment allows everyone to create their own journey and go off in whatever direction they want so my experiences will vary drastically compared to everyone just captivates me and I’m keen to see what you lot have gotten up to.

Share your experiences (try to keep the spoilers out) below in the comments!  Here’s a vid of some of my gameplay as I was exploring – I die…a lot.

[su_youtube url=””] [/su_youtube]

Playstation Now – First Impressions

I recently signed up for the Playstation Now 7 day free trial.  The range of titles is pretty impressive and our buddies across the pond have had another load drop in this week – when the EU gets a hefty update is unclear – I haven’t found anything online as yet.

The service itself is pretty straight forward – you select the game you want to stream, it saves to the cloud and allows you to gain trophies…ideal for folks who either don’t or no longer have a PS3 and still want to play older titles – a nice way to get past the lack of backwards compatibility.

My main concern is the pricing.  £12.99 a month for unlimited access is pretty good but there are no deals for PS+ users.  A perk would be, for an extra few quid more, PS Now is an added feature to all PS+ users.   Most of us nowadays also have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and a variety of other streaming subscription services so the price is a bit off-putting.

If a monthly subscription isn’t your bag, then a 48 hour rental period for £2.99 or a 30 day rental period for £7.99 may be better BUT this is per each title meaning that the £12.99 option is more worthwhile unless you simply MUST play the odd title here and there.

To give the actual gameplay a review is difficult as my internet has been terrible over the past week meaning that even browsing the web has been a chore.  Sky, yet again, are having issues in my area – no doubt all that tinkering with the cabinets with fibre now being available here.  Sadly I haven’t played it much due to my connection issues hence this isn’t a review.

So far I have tried Twisted Metal, Everybody’s Golf, Crazy Taxi and Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time.  Due to my connection  I cannot fairly comment on the quality of streaming as I suffered a lot of input lag.  The games themselves loaded pretty smoothly and the only time the stream struggled was during the CG sequences on Ratchet & Clank.  Gameplay was fine aside from the input lag meaning that, as you can imagine in a platform game, timing of jumps and attacks were off resulting in a severe beating and level restarts.  At times, movement would get stuck so when you’re running, despite letting go of the stick, you keep going.  Again, that resulted in many deaths and me giving up to play a PS4/PSN game.

One thing I was quite surprised about was that Remote Play functions on PS Now.  I usually use the PS TV in my living room as my PS4 stopped working on my main TV (HDMI handshake issue, I think) so the PS TV gets me by until I’m in bed.  Obviously, due to my connection issues it struggled over Remote Play but the sheer fact it lets you do it is pretty awesome as a lot of features don’t work over Remote Play.

So, all in all, it’s a good service with a good selection of titles that looks to be getting expanded upon soon but for folks with poor upload speeds it’s not worthwhile unless you want to suffer from input lag to the point you Hulk out.  Plus, the price seems too steep for my liking especially as I already pay for PS+.  Seeing as PS+ gives us access to PS3 titles monthly, for those that can’t redeem them it would be awesome to allow unlimited access to that game on PS Now.

If you’ve tried it out, share your thoughts below!

Just Dance 2016 Preview

I had my review copy from Ubisoft in a few days ago, came home from work to find it so I decided to have a quick go on it that night.  I was lying in bed.  And after 3 songs had earned 4 trophies without even busting a move.

I don’t own a Playstation Camera, I have the Playstation Eye and Move controller but the Move is only compatible with the new camera as the Eye doesn’t work on the PS4 which we all (should) know.  So after popping in the disc to install it and then running through the quick profile set up the typical getting started cards appeared and, to my surprise, one mentioned playing via your mobile phone.

Singstar and Just Dance have a number of similarities, the 2 main ones being the fact you can play with your mobile if you don’t have or can’t be bothered to haul the bits ‘n’ bobs out.  Secondly, as I found whilst lying in my bed and waving my arm around like an over-caffeinated flight controller it’s quite easy to “cheat”.  Singstar allowed you to mumble or say other words but as long as the pitch was similar you’d score points.  Here, you can dance the night away by just waving your arm around like a loon.  But where’s the fun in that?

Naturally, like Singstar and other games of their ilk, these are party games with much fun to be had with family and friends.  At the time of writing this little preview, I haven’t had a chance to do that yet but my first impressions are that this game seems like the perfect means of entertainment if you have a few friends round or a family night.  Whether I will be saying this after the kids try their hand at it and end up dropping my Galaxy S6 or getting too hyperactive due to the lucid colours and dancing pandas is yet to be determined.

Pick up your copy now!

Elder Scrolls Online Basic Tips

Hey folks!

I’m no stranger to MMO/MMORPG games but I’m no expert either.  Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is probably the most addictive one I have played.  With non-invasive tutorials and a pick up ‘n’ play style, it seems to be quite a rich game for MMO veterans and noobs alike.  Getting started in any MMO can be quite daunting – if you’ve played any of the previous Elder Scrolls titles (Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim) you will feel a bit more at ease, at least I did anyway.  With an immersive storyline and stunning visuals, it’s difficult not to love this game.

My main character is currently level 38 and I have to alts (additional characters) who are level 8 and 6.  This provides a good segway into my tips:

  1. Create multiple characters (you can have up to 8).  Why?  Because one thing you will find when trekking all over Tamriel is that you run low on inventory space.  So what do you do?  Go to the bank and if the bank runs low, have your alts withdraw items to make room.  You can also use this a means of helping them level their crafting skills or give them kick ass weapons you found and don’t need.
  2. Linked to the first point, save your gold for bag upgrades (certain settlements have bag vendors and you can buy extra space), bank upgrades (again, you can pay the bank gold to increase capacity within your ‘vault’) and, if you have a mount, visit the stables every 20 hours to upgrade your mounts stats – I would work on capacity until you hit the max of 60 then work on the other stats.
  3. Almost every house, delve, dungeon, keep and any other type of building have bookcases – examine them ALL.  Not only can you gain valuable skill points to various ‘lines’ but you may reveal locations on your map and quests to complete.  Also, after you complete the Mages Guild quest line the books get added to your Lorebooks where you can keep track (don’t worry,you don’t have to re-read any books prior to that unlocking).
  4. Work on your crafting – don’t waste gold buying/repairing armour and weapons.  Get by on what you scavenge.  Once you’ve used and abused them, use the deconstruction ability at the clothing/woodworking/blacksmith station.  This yields a lot more XP for your crafting as well as gives you items you can use to forge your own items.
  5. Examine EVERYTHING, take as many useful items as you can (food items, weapons, clothing, ores, ingots etc.) – as well as giving you items for crafting you will unlock achievements for harvesting and taking items.  Stealing is also advised – I started off not stealing (trying to be good) but you miss out on achievements and it’s quite lucrative in terms of picking up treasures to then sell to ‘fences’.  If you’re going to steal, crouch and make sure you’re hidden so as to avoid a confrontation with the guards.
  6. There are many dungeons and other locations to find.  Try to avoid using wayshrines to travel (at least to begin with) otherwise you will miss locations, achievements, Lorebooks, crafting items and other goodies.  Plus, a scarp every now and again will help boost your skill lines with your chosen fighting techniques.
  7. If you spot an arrow on your compass indicating a quest-giver is nearby, go to it.  Try and fill your active quests to the max of 25.  Why?  A lot of quests in the various regions can overlap meaning that you can tackle multiple quests when you’re in the vicinity maximising the experience required to level up .  This is handy for more than the XP , mind – you can gain skill points for certain quests, you may receive gold and/or a weapon or other item you can either wield, sell or deconstruct,
  8. Watch out for items that say they have a bonus for deconstruction inspiration or if they sell for x% more than usual and make sure you either deconstruct or sell the item as it guides to reap the rewards.
  9. One thing I didn’t do early on and ensured I started doing it at around level 25 is the Soul Trap ability.  If you have empty soul gems, ensure you put this to good use so that if you die you don’t have to start all the way back at a wayshrine or the entrance to a dungeon.
  10. Get your crafting skills to level 3 – you can then unlock the ‘Hireling’ ability – this can be levelled up as well.  Why?  Daily, you will receive items such as ore, wood etc. from the hirelings on their respective crafting line.  Sometimes you may get some rarer materials to work with or sell.

That’s it so far, I may do a more comprehensive list as I become better skilled within the game.  There are lots of guides and what-not out there but most speak to those that are fully or at least well versed in MMO games and for a lot of people, this is all new to them.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people picked this game up having loved Skyrim or an earlier title and wondered “WTF?” when they got started.  Hopefully some of these tips prove useful!

Oh, and don’t forget to join my guild if you’re on Ebonheart Pact – it’s Infinite Scroll.  Just drop me a message on PSN: Nerdgazzum84.  You can also join the Facebook group so we can arrange meet ups in-game to take on quests in Cyrodil (the PvP – Player vs Player) area or to help out with dungeons etc.


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Infinite Scroll – The Official Nerdgazzum ESO Guild

As I mentioned in the last Nerdful Things post, I have gotten hooked on The Elder Scrolls Online.  Yesterday, I decided to create my own guild on Ebonheart Pact.  I’d love to have enough members to open up the bank and other features as well as tackle the campaigns in a less haphazard fashion.

I am on PS4 and my PSN is Nerdgazzum84 so feel free to message me if you want to join!  All are welcome!  The Cyrodil section (campaigns) are pretty solid going solo and the group finder takes an age to actually match you up with folks so clearing all the dungeons and acquiring Alliance Points are a hard grind unless you have a decent pack of folks to work with.  If you’re a trophy whore like myself, the guild can be used as a means of trophy boosting too!

Check out the newly formed Facebook Group for a dedicated place to chat ESO and arrange game sessions etc!


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Traipsing Tamriel – My First Few Hours On The Elder Scrolls Online

Slight change of plan.  Batman: Arkham Knight was meant to be my birthday present but, as I had decided I wanted The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Edition (ESO) last week, I figured I would have that for my birthday (16 June) and as Arkham Knight (AK) won’t arrive until the 23rd June at the earliest it made sense that that be my Father’s Day pressie.

So, after a lengthy install – a 15.86GB day one patch had been released, and not playing it at all last night – instead, I played Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 on my Vita and then a spot of Saints Row IV (prior to me installing my 2TB HDD, I had inadvertently formatted my PS4 in order to try and resolve display issues on 2 of my TVs – it didn’t work so I ended up getting a PSTV in order to play on the main TV in the living room using Remote Play – and lost a lot of game saves.  SR IV was one of them).

Anyhoo, I digress!  Talia (middle child) had us up at around 3am, after getting her back to sleep it was a struggle to get back to sleep myself.  I won’t discuss my ailment much but I think the pain had caused me to become wide awake so i thought I’d play ESO as it would have downloaded in rest mode (I love the fact the PS4 can download in standby).

And, henceforth, I began my quest.  I normally spend ages working on my character – I spent maybe ten minutes after reading the various traits of races and the alliances.  I created my Nord, Aldo Storm (took that from my FF XIV character that I had used a name generator for).  I hate coming up with character names.  I used to use my favourite movie characters (for example, in the original GTA game, I called myself Castor Troy), but all manner of inspiration has escaped me.  Pick a shitty name and, for the most part, you’re stuck with it.

After the character creation, you begin a staple for the Elder Scrolls series – you begin in a prison.  Only this time you’re not in Tamriel.  You’re on the other side.  As usual, the opening scenes pave the way in the form of a tutorial.  Unlike other MMORGs, the tutorial is very fluid with very unintrusive screen pops and tips.

It’s not long before you level up a few times and, by the time you actually reach Tamriel, you’re probably about level 4 or 5, having defeated your first boss.  Graphically, it takes Skyrim’s visuals and gives it a major kick up the ass.  Staying true to the Elder Scrolls series, your typical options are there – looting corpses, searching urns and so on.  Lockpicking threw me off slightly – I didn’t get a tutorial pop (not sure I was meant to) and unlike previous lockpicking sequences in the series where you turn the sticks in the direction to apply force and judge by the vibration whether you’re on the money or not – here, you have to work the various tumblers in a particular sequence to unlock doors and chests BUT, you also have a time limit.  After a couple of attempts, I had it sussed but it wasn’t great going in relatively blind – my first attempt had the timer running out as I wasn’t paying full attention – kinda like when your ambling along in a game and then an unexpected QTE (Quick Time Event) occurs.

From what I’ve seen in about 3 hours worth of gameplay is impressive.  I had a go at fishing – all you need is bait.  This was quite refreshing considering the fact you need to access the Fisherman’s Guild in FFXIV and equip a rod etc.  Here, you’re straight in.  I’m not sure about other features like crafting and so on as I haven’t tried.  Although I’ve spoken to a couple of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) who sell items like saws etc and it just seems that the limitation is having enough gold.

Quests seem rather abundant.  After waking up in a township that I discover I was brought to after floating around in the sea, I had covered little ground before I had about five or six different quests under way.  Nothing particularly groundbreaking here – go here, do this, come back, receive this and scene!  This is inescapable in MMORPGs as this is what they are, but some of the set ups are pretty cool and different.  One quest had me use a dog whistle in a certain spot to summon a dog and follow it back to its owner and help him out.  Another had me reversing a wizard’s spell after he had turned 3 companions of this woman into Skeevers.

One thing I quite enjoyed while exploring the map (I ended up heading off to Bleakrock Isle) is the standard location indicator on the compass bar – you know, the outlined image of a mine or town and then you get the typical “X LOCATION DISCOVERED” across your screen.  I know other MMORPGs do a similar thing and rewards XP (Experience Points) for doing so but it just feels more…homely.  You’re in this new world, this new concept but there are many familiar staples from previous games to immerse you.  Most open world games, especially totally new games, daunt me.  The feeling of anxiety wondering where do I go? What should I do next?   So having these little pieces of the previous games puts that to bed as it feels like it’s more of the same but just bigger, better and with a ton more to do.

So, despite it having some heavy criticism from friends and other tidbits I have seen online I am loving it so far and if you will excuse me…I’m going back in.  If you wanna join me, my PSN is Nerdgazzum84.


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Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate Announcement



Players to Have Access to the World’s First Ever Hands-On of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate 

London, UK – June 4, 2015Today, Ubisoft® announced Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate: The Tour, a unique interactive experience that will allow players to step into the universe of the franchise’s next opus, as well as offering the world’s first ever hands-on with the game. Events will take place in Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and  London from June 16 to June 18, Sydney from June 17 to June 19, and Moscow in July.

Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate: The Tour will allow players to experience the game as if they were at E3, accessing the same hands-on demo as displayed on the show floor. Attendees will also be immersed in 19th Century London, offering a truly unique and VIP fan experience.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is an action-adventure game bringing players to London, at the birth of the modern era during the height of the Industrial Revolution. Looking to liberate London from the corruptive grip of their age-old enemy, twin Assassins, Jacob and Evie Frye, must build a new kind of family – gangs – and turn to the streets.

Interested players can register and book online for this free event:

For the latest news on Ubisoft collectible merchandise, please visit and like the page


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Music From The Borderlands

Two blog posts in one day?  Double-yew-tee-eff?

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while and figured I’d do it now seeing as I’ve written a post earlier.

Now, Borderlands.  Fantastic game series (although, I must admit, I got bored in Borderlands 2…well, not so much bored but sometimes I feel overwhelmed in open-world games and get anxious) and one major thing I love about them is the sound quality.  From the fantastic voice acting to the sound effects and ambience but what I REALLY love is the m from the opening sequences/adverts.

Borderlands turned me onto Cage The Elephant with “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”.

[su_youtube url=””]

Then there’s Borderlands 2 which came in with “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy.

[su_youtube url=””]

Sadly, I haven’t played any of the other games in the series with the exception of the TellTale Games.  At the time of writing this, I have recently completed episode 2.

Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1 features “Busy Earning” by Jungle.

[su_youtube url=””]

And, episode features Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra with “Kiss The Sky” which has now become my favourite tune at the moment!

[su_youtube url=””]

Aside from the kick-ass tuneage the sequences themselves are awesome.  I love how ‘ballsy’ they are.  Generally, the pop culture references and parodies within the Borderlands universe sings to me and hopefully, I shall be getting engorssed in the Handsome Collection some time very soon!

You may also notice that my Nerdgazzum cover photo that I had commissioned Sick Droid Artwork to put together for me a little while back takes its inspiration from the Borderlands cover.



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