Charity Begins At The Homepage

Yesterday, we added a small ad to link up to The Wayne Foundation – a fantastic cause fighting the war on modern day slavery.

There are a number of other organisations across the globe to fight the same war in their respective countries.

One of our main mission goals is to support others.  Initially that meant giving artists and other creative talents an avenue of getting their name out there, either by working on products for us or just giving them a shout out to rally support.

This then manifested into the biggest support network we are all familiar with as we see it every day on TV ads, online ads, on the street and in the foyers of shops and other businesses.  Charity.

There are so many out there and it’s hard to pick the ‘right one’ sometimes.  I feel guilty because I can’t donate or sponsor certain causes – I do when I can but I can’t afford it and I only give to what I have a heartfelt interest in.  I’ve donated to cancer research and so on but, so far, cancer has not really impacted my life so therefore I don’t have it in the forefront of my mind.

I give money for Children In Need, mainly because I have kids myself and can’t imagine the likes of them suffering so feel guilted into giving – not a noble feeling for a noble cause.

The only charity I give to that has more of a purpose in my eyes (because I have seen the impacts as both my grandparents suffered from it towards the end) is Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Charities are a fantastic way of raising awareness and much needed funds to further the cause and advance the technologies where applicable.  But, because I only have a finite amount of money, I can only give so much so I go for the things that have touched my life.  Cancer may very well rear its ugly head later in my life in some shape or form and at that point I may become more of a giver to the cause.

There is no right and wrong for giving or not giving.  We shouldn’t feel pressured into giving but at the same time we should feel inclined to give something.  Is it what makes us good people?  No, not really.  The worst criminals could very well give huge sums of money but it doesn’t mean you are a good person.  It may mean there’s still humanity within you but it’s not the same.  Just as not giving anything doesn’t make you a bad person, but your empathy towards the human condition is either somewhat lacking, displaced, ignored or non existent.

Sometimes it just feels good to do something good.  And sometimes that means doing more than just giving money.  Such as taking part in an event (Race For Life for example), organising a fundraiser, raffles, competitions or just dressing up as your favourite character or hero.

If you, or anyone you know, will be doing any sort of charity work or fundraising, feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or even here on the blog and we will plug you, put up an advert and hopefully even give away some prizes or rewards on your behalf.

The world isn’t a good place, but we can make it better.

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