I meant to post this yesterday but was still a bit overwhelmed and had a lot to try and do that I didn’t get done thanks to a 2 year old that won’t sleep.

I had a message from ‘Bill’  on Facebook in regards to a wish I had placed on Crowdwish.  It seemed a bit random and at first I thought it was a hoax…but then how could someone out of all the sites and stuff out there, randomly pull the name Crowdwish and know I placed a wish on it?



So I started off by going to Crowdwish and saw that my one and only wish I had placed was flying high – “I wish I was Batman” leading the way by miles in the number one spot.



I then looked up this mysterious “Bill Griffin” to find out he wasn’t as elusive or mysterious as I expected!

I found a LinkedIn profile detailing his responsibility at Crowdwish as well as a Twitter account and a few other posts from folks interacting with him.  My curiosity was truly piqued and I was sat deliberating if I call him.  Despite my full-time work in a call centre and the fact I also run Nerdgazzum and have to phone suppliers .  I get uncomfortable talking to people I don’t know.  Especially when I’ve been given a message to phone them and have no idea what’s going to happen.

I then discovered an e-mail too, that I’d clearly ignored just thinking it was junk…



So I decided to call him.  I must admit, it was a bizarre feeling – being told that my unusual and (at the time) unique wish had made it to the top spot after months.  I’d totally forgotten about Crowdwish – I’d seen stuff floating around online but never checked how mine was doing as if I were checking how my eBay listings are doing.  I honestly thought it was a stupid post that I had done when I was sat on the sofa with a day off from work and had seen a link about Crowdwish and gave it a look.

In an age where there seems to be very little  from the ‘little people’ and the impossibility of having an original or unique thought who would?  I mean, I’m not the first to wish I was Batman (or any hero for that matter) but I guess it boils down to having that idea FIRST and making it happen before anyone else beats you to the punch.

After me feeling giddy like a little girl and beaming at the fact I have actually won something (Lady Luck rarely seems to favour me and I’m already wondering what catastrophic event will come to rock my world to restore the balance), I can’t wait to receive my gift!

As I was in bed watching Arrow, I then received this Tweet.  There’s something magical about Crowdwish (and I’m not referring to the lamp that is their logo).  It’s the little things like the way it’s run but also the interaction with everybody that seems to make it all the more special…a refreshing change in what seems to be a very selfish and relentless world where no one wants to help their fellow man because we are all too busy with our own plans and agendas.


Just as sure as day follows night, night will be back again.


I’m struggling to think of anything else to wish for, it’d be awesome to have multiple wishes come true but…what could ever be better than having this wish granted?  A wish that millions over the decades from the comics, to the original TV series where Adam West got to live that dream, to the movies, a plethora of animated episodes and feature films…out of all of the fans that clearly had the same wish…I put it down first.

Who would have thought a 29 year old (soon to be 30…remember I said, this year I become older than Batman himself) from Scotland working a job and juggling finances like like every other person out there had this happen.  And again, going back to my point where I become older than Batman/Bruce Wayne this year (typically, he is 29 in the comics etc. aside from certain story arcs and runs) – what perfect timing is this?

And, I feel close to the fanyboy Nerdgazzum that Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith must be feeling now that they are writing on the Batman ’66 series of comics!


I’ll follow this post up more but, I can’t say it enough, such a simple message over a stupid idea that clearly inspired others to click their way into my line of thinking made my day and will be a stand-out memory provided the Alzheimer’s doesn’t claim it!

Thank you Crowdwish

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