DC Comics New 52 Action Figures

It’s taken a little while but most of DC Collectibles’ newest action figure range – The New 52 – has been added to the store. ¬†At present, some items aren’t listed as my supplier hasn’t listed them (i.e. Darkseid) – I’m hoping to have access to the ones that are missing to be able to offer the entire range!

Check out the dedicated store page here and the images below show you the sheer awesomeness of this range.


[su_carousel source=”media: 1348,1349,1350,1351,1352,1353,1354,1355,1356,1357,1358,1359,1360,1361,1362,1363,1364,1365,1366,1367,1368,1369,1370,1371,1372,1373,1374,1375,1376,1377,1378,1379,1380,1381,1382,1383,1384,1385″ limit=”50″ link=”custom” target=”blank” width=”500″ height=”780″ items=”1″ title=”no”]

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