Elder Scrolls Online Basic Tips

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I’m no stranger to MMO/MMORPG games but I’m no expert either.  Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is probably the most addictive one I have played.  With non-invasive tutorials and a pick up ‘n’ play style, it seems to be quite a rich game for MMO veterans and noobs alike.  Getting started in any MMO can be quite daunting – if you’ve played any of the previous Elder Scrolls titles (Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim) you will feel a bit more at ease, at least I did anyway.  With an immersive storyline and stunning visuals, it’s difficult not to love this game.

My main character is currently level 38 and I have to alts (additional characters) who are level 8 and 6.  This provides a good segway into my tips:

  1. Create multiple characters (you can have up to 8).  Why?  Because one thing you will find when trekking all over Tamriel is that you run low on inventory space.  So what do you do?  Go to the bank and if the bank runs low, have your alts withdraw items to make room.  You can also use this a means of helping them level their crafting skills or give them kick ass weapons you found and don’t need.
  2. Linked to the first point, save your gold for bag upgrades (certain settlements have bag vendors and you can buy extra space), bank upgrades (again, you can pay the bank gold to increase capacity within your ‘vault’) and, if you have a mount, visit the stables every 20 hours to upgrade your mounts stats – I would work on capacity until you hit the max of 60 then work on the other stats.
  3. Almost every house, delve, dungeon, keep and any other type of building have bookcases – examine them ALL.  Not only can you gain valuable skill points to various ‘lines’ but you may reveal locations on your map and quests to complete.  Also, after you complete the Mages Guild quest line the books get added to your Lorebooks where you can keep track (don’t worry,you don’t have to re-read any books prior to that unlocking).
  4. Work on your crafting – don’t waste gold buying/repairing armour and weapons.  Get by on what you scavenge.  Once you’ve used and abused them, use the deconstruction ability at the clothing/woodworking/blacksmith station.  This yields a lot more XP for your crafting as well as gives you items you can use to forge your own items.
  5. Examine EVERYTHING, take as many useful items as you can (food items, weapons, clothing, ores, ingots etc.) – as well as giving you items for crafting you will unlock achievements for harvesting and taking items.  Stealing is also advised – I started off not stealing (trying to be good) but you miss out on achievements and it’s quite lucrative in terms of picking up treasures to then sell to ‘fences’.  If you’re going to steal, crouch and make sure you’re hidden so as to avoid a confrontation with the guards.
  6. There are many dungeons and other locations to find.  Try to avoid using wayshrines to travel (at least to begin with) otherwise you will miss locations, achievements, Lorebooks, crafting items and other goodies.  Plus, a scarp every now and again will help boost your skill lines with your chosen fighting techniques.
  7. If you spot an arrow on your compass indicating a quest-giver is nearby, go to it.  Try and fill your active quests to the max of 25.  Why?  A lot of quests in the various regions can overlap meaning that you can tackle multiple quests when you’re in the vicinity maximising the experience required to level up .  This is handy for more than the XP , mind – you can gain skill points for certain quests, you may receive gold and/or a weapon or other item you can either wield, sell or deconstruct,
  8. Watch out for items that say they have a bonus for deconstruction inspiration or if they sell for x% more than usual and make sure you either deconstruct or sell the item as it guides to reap the rewards.
  9. One thing I didn’t do early on and ensured I started doing it at around level 25 is the Soul Trap ability.  If you have empty soul gems, ensure you put this to good use so that if you die you don’t have to start all the way back at a wayshrine or the entrance to a dungeon.
  10. Get your crafting skills to level 3 – you can then unlock the ‘Hireling’ ability – this can be levelled up as well.  Why?  Daily, you will receive items such as ore, wood etc. from the hirelings on their respective crafting line.  Sometimes you may get some rarer materials to work with or sell.

That’s it so far, I may do a more comprehensive list as I become better skilled within the game.  There are lots of guides and what-not out there but most speak to those that are fully or at least well versed in MMO games and for a lot of people, this is all new to them.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people picked this game up having loved Skyrim or an earlier title and wondered “WTF?” when they got started.  Hopefully some of these tips prove useful!

Oh, and don’t forget to join my guild if you’re on Ebonheart Pact – it’s Infinite Scroll.  Just drop me a message on PSN: Nerdgazzum84.  You can also join the Facebook group so we can arrange meet ups in-game to take on quests in Cyrodil (the PvP – Player vs Player) area or to help out with dungeons etc.


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