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I recently set up a new Facebook page in the advent of me getting my PS4 for Christmas (I have to fecking wait ’til then šŸ™ ).

After I got GTA V for my PS3, I set up a Tumblr called Michael Parking Bay – the concept was simple: use Michael and park in silly places and take a pic and post it on there.

I liked a page on Facebook called Parking Like A Twat Merthyr Tydfil and, when I ordered GTA V for the PS4 I figured the scope for this type of tomfoolery would be huge considering the sharing features the PS4 gives you plus the first-person opportunities too!

As a result, Ā ParkingĀ Like A Twat San Andreas, Vice City & Liberty City was born. Ā Come and join in on the fun! Ā At 50 page likes, I’m doing a little giveaway as form of thanks!

I may even run random competitions for the funniest picture/caption going forward also.

So come on and like and share the fun!

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