Funko POP!s

As most folks who follow this blog or the Facebook page will know, a big part of how Nerdgazzum got started and will continue to focus on are Funko POP! vinyls.

The majority of these are pre/back-order at the moment.  The main supplier that I have started to deal with haven’t done POP!s before and are recently starting.  Some of them have been out for some time and I’ve had questions about why potentially retired items are marked as ‘Pre-order’ – this is merely my choice of wording as the supplier has them marked as pre-order due to the fact they’re starting to stock them.

One big thing I’ve noticed, especially on some of the Funko Facebook groups is the mention of retired POP!s coming back into circulation – items that go for insane amounts on eBay and other selling sites and some sites appear to be stocking them after what appears to be a re-release.

Re-releases sound good purely because, as a newcomer to the Funko world as both a collector and a retailer, it means I’d get a shot at stuff I’ve missed.   Good news especially for the folks that, through me, have come to learn of and enjoy Funko’s creations.

However, it seems that the world of re-releases are somewhat of a grey area whereby there is no transparency as to if that is what’s happening or, are retailers holding back stock deliberately to drive custom their way and, in some cases, increase the prices so they make more on it but still get the custom as folks would rather take that route than pay the astronomic prices on eBay and such.

Examples of some items I’ve seen are some of the Batman range like Penguin, Two-Face and Riddler…then they suddenly appear for sale on a particular Australian website a few days back.  Look them up now and there are no results for them and any direct links give a 404 error.

There are no official announcements (normally) regarding the retirement of any POP!s – a motto to go by is ‘If it’s not in the catalogue it’s retired’.

As collectors, what are your thoughts?  Should Funko do re-releases or, perhaps, to make it slightly different – release a type of Exclusive to technically allow those who missed out before a second chance and for the ones who had already gone above and beyond to get the original at least they don’t have a bitter after-taste at feeling potentially ripped off?

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