Hey (Again) You Guys!

The announcement of “The Goonies 2″ has set the interwebs ablaze with speculation, hate and potentially shattered childhoods.

The original flick was actually a late one for me – I didn’t watch it until I was a teenager (shameful, shocking and unacceptable – I know).  I think I may have seen bits of it as a kid but it was only when it came out on DVD that I can actually say I watched it.  That One-Eyed Willy, eh?

So…decades on the sequel has been announced and the original cast is set to come back.  That has to be a good thing, right?  Very rarely do you get a flick that has waited years for a sequel and original cast members return…let alone the entire cast!

My only concern is where these guys are at in their lives now – Sean Astin has carried on working and I can name movies he’s starred in since.  Corey Feldman only conjures up names of movies in my mind from the 80s and 90s (Stand By Me, Lost Boys, The ‘Burbs etc.)  Josh Brolin is the only one that I can say seems to have really done well for himself out of the lot of them in terms of memorable roles (again, my own opinion).  And, up until now, I didn’t even remember the guy who played Chunk’s real name (thanks to IMDB).

I must admit, I am pretty excited because the time between movies can add some extra depth to the flick and it could go off in so many directions.  Middle-aged guys recounting tales of ther days as Goonies and then go off on a haphazard adventure to feel young again (Wild Hogs…but much better I’m sure!)  Or add some make-up and make them tell tales to their grand kids who then go off and become the next generation of Goonies…who knows.

Nothing like this has really been done before in the sense of casting (that I can recall – correct me if I’m wrong) so it can either epically fail or it can do what all us fans want – make us Nerdgazzum all over the seats and floor in the cinema as we watch it.

What would be interesting is, as they;re grown up, we get a more adult and darker themed story…or will they keep it kid-friendly?  It would be great to think the story; just like the (hey you) guys has grown up and matured to be a swashbuckling tale of adulthood/mid-life crisis.

Hopefully more details will be leaked or hinted at soon.  I’m sure the upcoming Comic-Cons will no doubt allow some tasty little tidbits to come out at the Q&A panels etc.

Never say die.

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