I Throw My Hands Up In The Air Sometimes Singing Ayo I’m A Lego


I raided my attic last night to bring my old Lego collection down.  What a trip down memory lane!  I knew I had a few sets but I didn’t realise I had as many.  The majority of them are nothing but bricks in boxes waiting to be rebuilt – some of which I did last night.

To my surprise, I also discovered a shed load of instructions (I thought I’d thrown them away as a kid but it turns out I’m more of a hoarder than I thought!)

A few nights back, I discovered an awesome site called Brickset.com – it has a huge database of pretty much every set and figure ever created by those awesome folks at Lego.  You can create a virtual catalogue of sets you own as well as once you want (wish list).

If you’re an avid Master Builder then you may already know of the site, but if you haven’t yet discovered its glory, get your ass over there!

Check out my collection when you get a min and update yours while you’re at it!

If, like me, you don’t have all the instructions for your sets or even if you have none, you can return your Lego collection to its intended magnificence as the site also has links on each respective set to scanned instructions allowing you to rebuild them as the man upstairs intended!

See below for some snaps of my Lego:



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