It’s A Mystery

I’ve been toying with the idea of offering mystery boxes on the store; one-offs as well as recurring subscriptions.  My only reservation is that there is an increasingly saturated market for these and standing out from the crowd will be an issue – especially as a newcomer who operates solo as opposed to a team of diligent workers.  One other issue in terms of bringing a unique take on the mystery box world is the fact that it is very limited in what can be done to be different as it’s a very simple principle at the heart of it.

In regards to the monthly recurring scheme: if I do step into this venture it’ll be opened up to a small number as a means of piloting the service and gaining valuable feedback to see whether it’s worthwhile.

I’m looking at implementing the one-offs relatively soon as there is no risk involved in it.  Just a simple case of adding an option to the store to purchase a mystery item.  I’m also looking at doing a cheaper option for any box damaged items – I have a couple I’ve been holding onto until I decided what to do with them (Crow GITD and the SDCC 2014 Flocked Rocket Raccoon).

Ultimately, this hangs on the customer base (you) and the value you gain from this and I would love to have ideas/comments in regards to these propositions.  Any feedback is welcome – drop a comment below!


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