SDCC 2014 Exclusives On Nerdgazzum

Today, in work, I received an e-mail from my supplier…as soon as I saw it was a list of Comic Con exclusives my phone could have literally melted in my hand!  I was super excited as I’ve been dying to get in on the SDCC action especially when I’ve seen a few folk I know gutted that they’ve not been able to get their paws on some of the awesome merch due to stock issues etc.

So I made it my mission for when I got home to ensure that I get all of the available items up on the store.  Just moments ago, the last of the currently listed SDCC goodies that my supplier will be stocking has been added to the Nerdgazzum store.  All of the items are available to pre-order on the dedicated SDCC 2014 page and are scheduled to be available in September.

Feast your eyes below on what is available!  My supplier has assured me any orders sent into them prior to 22 August will be honoured, any after that date may be delayed or possibly unfulfilled.  So if you’re dying to get your hands on the SDCC stuff either as a first-timer or as a last ditch effort due to being shunned previously, get over there now!

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