Store Update 24/06/14

It’s been another huge week on the store – the total number of products available to order is close to the 400 mark.

It’s a mammoth task individually adding each product then manually linking them on the blog so, from now on, the update posts will just give a summary of products and selected items will be linked.

The store itself has had a number of changes also:

  • New Loyalty Points scheme (registered customers who have placed orders prior have had the points they would have earned if the scheme was available manually added and available to spend now)
  • Adding to your cart is even easier now that the page reload sequence has been removed!
  • New San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) section – a tidy little home for any SDCC Exclusives

So, what are the new goodies then? (For a more extensive list, see the bottom of this post!)

The store has predominantly seen an influx of Funko POP! Vinyls available to pre-order.  Star Wars, Captain America 2, Marvel Comics, Thor: The Dark World, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Maleficent, Supernatural, Dragonball Z, Frozen, Game of Thrones to name but a few!

In addition to those, I also found time to add non-Funko items such as Doctor Who Remotes, Board Games, Batman Action Figures, Money Banks, Statues/Ornaments, Replicas, Plushes, Kitchenware AND Lightsabers!

For the full list, see below!

[hungryfeed url=”” item_fields=”title,description” link_target=”_blank” truncate_description=”100″ order=”none”]

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