Gotham – The TV Show We Do Not Need Nor Deserve

So, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Batman and the DC Universe and very rarely do I have a negative thing to say about anything Batman related.  Aside from my major disappointment with Arkham Knight and the abominations that were the Schumacher flicks I have nothing but love for the variety of story arcs and depictions of my beloved childhood hero.  Yet I find myself struggling with Gotham.  I tried so hard to like it.  I WANTED to like it but the spoon-feeding of references and cheesiness is reminiscent of the classic TV show and that ship sailed decades ago.

I initially envisioned a Gotham that was dark, gritty and needed cleaning up.  Season 1 had me thinking that was the case and I defended the show as I so desperately wanted it to be what I thought it would become.  But then the villains started happening.  A new villain every episode with every single hint of who they are spelt out in blazing neon.  Unlike DC’s other efforts over on CW where Flash and Arrow intelligently give newcomers a treat yet don’t alienate the diehard fans with boring references and big arrows pointing at who this newcomer on screen is.

I thought this show would centre on Jim Gordon and his battle to clean up Gotham without getting too dirty himself.  I pictured a young, grieving Bruce Wayne trying to find his way in life and finding a means to overcome the loss and emptiness the demise of his parents brings him.  I pictured a gritty CSI Gotham with subtle references and indications of villains’ origins through well written stories and cameos.  I pictured a tightly woven pre-Batman world that would hold gems for fans and newcomers alike.

I was wrong.  I still watch it.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps I cling to the hope a new writing team and/or show runner comes in as the offscreen Jim Gordon to clean this mess up.  Every time a new villain casting is announce I die a little inside and the calamity grows.  I really enjoyed the Court of Owls run in the comics and, season 2 brought us a link to that arc and I am displeased with how it has played thus far.  The Order of St Dumas came into play, Edward Nygma’s license plate is “RIDDLR”, Penguin’s bizarre and annoying mother…so many let downs that I lose respect for villains I respected and loved in the comics and other media.

Season 1 was the closest we got to what I expected; the (short-lived) turf wars between Falcone and Maroni (and the wretched Fish Mooney that was not required at all).  It was all down hill from there.   Just look at little Bruce, not at all consumed by his parents’ death as he should be.  This is the defining moment in this child’s life and he’s acting more like what a young Alan Sugar would as opposed to the heir to millions who was face to face with his parents’ killer and, who was technically responsible for their death.

The freaks in masks shouldn’t appear until Batman does – the age old argument, is Batman friend or foe and do we need him?  If Batman wasn’t around, would the lunatics have come out of the woodwork?

I watch Flash and Arrow and every time Cisco drops a name reference or every time you see the likes of a pilot’s jacket with the name ‘JORDAN’ with no major focus or reference to it I get giddy and the fanboy gets excited.  I watch Gotham where everything is spoon-fed to the viewer and I yawn and feel no excitement for the next episode.  Perhaps we did need a Gotham TV series.  Just not right now.

Destiny Review (PS4)

I’ve spent a few hours on Destiny – not as much as I would like – damned work/kids/life in general!

Despite the lack of playing it over Christmas (PSN DDoS attacks), when I finally got on it, it turns out it was well worth the wait.  I love it.  Yes it’s repetitive, yes it’s samey.  But it’s beautiful and challenging.

I’ll get my criticisms out of the way first .

  1. Despite the large environments, the lack of other players except at the Tower feels a tad underwhelming.  I’ve played games like World of Warcraft etc. and you couldn’t move for spying other players questing and generally dishing out death and inadvertently saving your ass.  Destiny has a smaller number of players roaming the game world outside of the Tower and the fact that a ‘fire team’ consists of only 3 people it seems less populated despite the number of players online.
  2. Due to the lack of players on the various planets, getting members on your fire team for the trickier missions is nigh on impossible.  I’ve only had 2 people join mine in all my time playing and even then they disappeared after like 10 minutes.

Other than those, there are a few minor gripes but nothing worthy of actually noting here.  For the most part, the game is truly amazing.  It has a fantastic voice cast (including Peter Dinklage and Bill Nighy) and the story is your familiar fodder that allows you to just get stuck in.

Visually, each word is lush in its own way, for example Venus is a beautiful haven of greenery consuming and enveloping the architecture – think of Poison Ivy when she breaks loose and lets Mother Nature have her way with Gotham.

PvP is something I’m yet to delve into – I have had a quick go on a few match-ups and had my ass kicked for the most part.  Player matching seems a bit off in the sense that some folks have stupidly advanced gear and for newbies like myself, it was a proper arse-rapingly embarrassing affair.

At this time, I haven’t bought the expansions so my experience is based solely on the original game.

Overall, yes it is an extremely good game and I think I went in with expectations on the scale of WoW but it seems more like Bordlerlands in the sense of a more drop in/drop out co-op multiplayer gameplay.  If you enjoy shooters then this is a must.  If you can get past the the niggling feeling of solitude (at least that’s how it seems in my experience, but may vary if you have a lot of buddies on PSN that you can hook up with to take down some Fallen nasties rather than hoping strangers will join you on your journey).

Here’s a video of some gameplay of mine a few days back.  I died.  Lots.  But the 2 other players were randoms I bumped into and we banded together (we weren’t in a fire team).

[su_youtube url=””]

Once I’ve had more time on this and tried out Expansion I ‘The Dark Below’, I’ll try and update this with a bit more ‘meat’.  But for now, game on!

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PODCAST: Gotham Commentary (With Brief Store Update)

Due to another hectic week with a variety of personal stuff going on (combined with illness and tiredness!) Week 39 didn’t really provide much fruit but, as mentioned at the start of this podcast, the lack of updates is negligible considering the biggest news yet has hit – SDCC Bloody Hannibal Funko POP!s (and more) are coming!!!

I intend to either write or even discuss this further in another podcast but in the meantime, here is a much delayed commentary of episode 1 of Gotham (the previous recording failed and trying to find time to sit down and watch a show in peace and quiet and record at the same time is tricky…)

Let me know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!


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Batfleck & His Wheels

Now that Zack Snyder has tweeted the tease of the ‘bile yesterday and then given more of a reveal today with Ben Affleck in THE suit the interwebs has gone insane!

The Batmobile had me concerned at what seemed to be a tail fin reminding me of Schumacher’s absolute abominations.  Seeing this latest image reminds me of Burton’s Batmobile with the cool looking windows and looks like it’s a mish-mash of the Tumbler as well with the cool plated armour and grittier look.


But, as I posted on Facebook last night:



It looks like my wish came true and then some!  The suit has taken its inspiration from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns with the over-sized bat symbol, shorter ears and very grey look (a lot of grey in this so it’s possible it’s just effect but now I know why Kevin Smith got so excited.
Dark Knight Returns is clearly where Zack would get a lot of inspiration from; the relationship between Batman and Superman, an older and grittier Batman and, if the subtitle were to remain or at least the action it leads us to believe, an epic battle between Gotham’s finest and Krypton’s last son.
Jay may have said that Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms…but he’s looking like he’s set to move the Doomsday Clock to midnight in this attire and I still cannot wait to catch this flick.  I believe in you Zack Snyder…do the source material proud!
What’s your thoughts?

This Cat’s In The Bag

Comics are full of powerful men; good and bad. Batman, Iron man, The Joker to name a few. But as they say, behind every great man there is a great woman.  So let’s talk about one: Selina Kyle more fondly known as Catwoman.  She’s a strong independent woman, she’s got the looks and the brains. She’s not so different from you or I…well sort of.  I find it somewhat comforting to relate to a character like this.  Unlike people in the movies; they have trouble in their past.  Catwoman is no different, losing her mother at a young age to suicide, and living with a violent father who drank himself to death.  Although a tad extreme, like with many of our beloved heroes, it’s something to relate to. Admittedly yes, she breaks in to places and steals stuff,;not really something we should aspire to be like.  But at the same time, she works fearlessly to protect Gotham.

She has the struggle within herself between doing good and bad, as we all do to a certain extent.  I think deep down she has a caring and loving heart, she just uses it in a dishonest and selfish way.  She steals from the rich, mobsters, corrupt politicians…for herself.  You could call her a sort of reverse Robin Hood!

And, like any young woman she falls in love with the hero who, despite his best efforts tries to steer her away from the thievery, but greed gets the better of her.  He falls for her because he can relate to her in a way he can’t with anyone else; she’s ambiguous in contrast to his right and wrong way of thinking.  The way in which they started off were total opposites to each other and, they do say opposites attract.  It was a case of love at first sight.

And then there’s how she looks.  Although a little impractical for the modern woman; she dons a tight black cat suit of course, although it varies slightly across the different depictions of her, the basis remains the same, giving her that unmistakeable look. Surely any woman now would aspire to have a figure that will look good in an outfit! I mean I certainly would!  C’mon what’s not sexy about a woman in a cat suit yielding a whip!?!