Hallowe’en Treats

This month sees the return of the Hallowe’en treats only there’s a difference this time around.

Every order that is placed and dispatched this month will include some sugary treats as well as a raffle ticket which gives you a chance to win a mystery prize (horror/Hallowe’en themed).

On top of that, I am having a sale and will be adding more to the list on the run up to Christmas so why not bag yourself a bargain, get some sweets and a ticket and await the prize draw (it takes place in early November)?


Store Update – Week 34

It was a bit of a manic week last week – what with the disappointment of the SDCC Venkman & Slimer being pulled so I can’t fulfill those orders, then awesome news about Deadpool unmasked (the 2 variants) and news from back home meaning I had to head up to Scotland last minute which meant the blog post has been delayed.

Anyhoo, here ya go, last weeks goodies!

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Store Update 14/06/14

Hello!  Well, what a HUGE week and a bit it has been.  A large number of pre-orders have been placed, namely for Funko vinyls.  The Facebook page has had over 400 new likes in the space of 7 days and store registrations are up by 1200% since the last update!

The store has had a shit ton of new additions as you will see below – namely Funko sets and individual figures.  Hours upon hours of hard work have been spent on this (on top of me working 12 hour shifts as my day job).  One of the biggest new features on the store is a Funko deal system whereby if you buy 2 vinyls you get them for £21, 3 for £30, 4 for £40 and if you select 5, you pay for 4 and get the 5th free!!!  This offer excludes any other promotions/discounts and is for vinyls priced no more than £11.99 individually.

I’m going to be in Scotland from tonight until Thursday/Friday (19/20 June) but I will reply to any e-mails, messages etc but not as regular as normal as I’m on holiday.

In the meantime, feast your eyes below!

Store Update 27/04/14

It’s been a rather busy week this week in regards to sorting out new suppliers as well as finding out more about certain items.  I’ve also had a few folks requesting certain items to seek out and give them a price.  Feels good to be wanted!

So what’s new on the store this week?

Well, let me pull it out and show you:

The Redbubble portfolio has also been extended this week:

Stay tuned for further updates and if there’s a special item you want or wanna get a friend/loved one drop me a line and I’ll do my best to look into it!

Taste our awesome!