Safe As Houses

Well!  What a week!  Website drama.  Life drama.  Drama everywhere.  You’d swear this was a job for the Drama Llama!



After a lot of website breakages after buying an SSL certificate for my domain, I manage to get my blog working as you know.  Then the new store posed issues with random redirections that occurred out of nowhere and led me to get so peed off I started to hate Magento.  But it looked sooooo good.  I can haz Magento?  Hell yeah!

Today, after spending countless hours checking .htaccess files, deleting directories, breaking the site, restoring from backups, deleting some more, doing more backups and a large number of huge ass mugs of coffee I eventually get it working and launched!

Product-wise there haven’t been any additions, although I’ve placed an exciting order with one of my suppliers on the back of the voting on Facebook.  Funko vinyls incoming!

One big update is the fact I now offer free postage – something that’s easier to implement with a new build rather than manually updating over 100 items on the old store.  Yes, FREE postage!

I’m in the process of adding products to the new store – I wasn’t able to migrate the old store data to the new one so this also means that folks need to re-register unfortunately.  On the plus side, it’s now even quicker and easier as we have a ‘Log In With Facebook’ feature so you can get started with us even quicker!

The blog has also been secured and optimised for smoother load times and a better experience.

So what’s happening with the store?  There’s a few cool features that Magento allows me to utilise – aside from the more professional and organised look of the store, I can send out a notification over a little banner at the top that users can dismiss (no pesky pop ups).  There’s a floating menu so you can access links while down at the bottom of a page without having to scroll back to the top.  You might think it’s glitched when you scroll down and images/the slider is in line with it but it’s designed that way to ensure it doesn’t impact page elements.

There’s a lot to learn about Magento but the skeletal structure and key features are functional and allow for a far better user experience than Prestashop did (as much as I loved the new look of it when it updated it doesn’t compare to the beauty of my new store – shallow?  Meh.)

The only major drawback in my eyes is the lack of customisable stock options out of the box – Prestashop allowed me to set up back orders and so on for items out of stock or pre-orders.  Magento requires a premium extension to be added so for now, the items will show as in stock but the short description indicates they are pre-order and additional info will detail the expected release date of the items.  It’s the only way I can get it to allow folks to add items to their cart that aren’t actually available for sale at the moment.

So, in the meantime, welcome to the new home of awesomeness.

SSL Certificate Authority

SSL Certificate Authority


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Back Once Again

What a cluster$%&* of a week!

One of the blog plug ins updated and stopped the blog from loading – just blank pages – even on my admin side…after a wee spot of Googling, I deleted the plug in that I updated and boom, we’re back.  But then, after still having no SSL activation (multiple tickets opened with my host) things seem to have gone breasticles up even more.

The blog started redirecting to my store for no apparent reason, then my personal blog stopped loading and giving script errors.  I fix my personal blog earlier this morning and this blog is still redirecting.  After changing Christ knows what, it appears to be back.

Then I get an advertising e-mail saying I may have been hacked and to buy protection from them – NO, I have not been hacked – your issues in adding SSL to my site has cocked all this up and until you resolve the various issues I have raised with you, I shan’t be spending another penny on you!

So, now we’re back after hours of potching in between looking after the kids and working 12 hours shifts, hopefully I can get some further updates done on the new store and perhaps launch it if I’m confident that it’s worthwhile – been having a number of issues getting my head around Magento and the lack of functionality without spending more money on extensions over what I can already do with Prestashop are concerning me (i.e. the inability to pre-order items on the store without me spending $89 to add an extension that will allow me to do that).

Apologies for any inconvenience – got a few followers of the blog so hopefully this little debacle hasn’t pissed you off!

Have a good weekend!

One Small Step For Me, One Giant Step For Nerdgazzum

Today, I have finally had time to sit down and register for tax self assessment – Nerdgazzum has taken the first step in terms of becoming fully official.  Moments ago, I have also upgraded the site to have SSL encryption – just awaiting activation now.

The site already offers PayPal as a method of payment but you can use the store more securely and with even more confidence once the SSL certificate goes live and you see the reassuring ‘https’ in your address bar.

On top of all that, I have also placed an order with one of my suppliers for some more Funko vinyls (details will follow – wanna keep it as a little surprise for now).  This order is separate to the voters’ choice that’s still running until the end of the month – I haven’t ordered any DC Universe Funkos…that is pending your decision!  Democracy at its finest.

Not bad for a Monday morning, eh?