A number of items have dropped in with my supplier and I need to get confirmed numbers into them by Friday.  Listed below are the items and they range from Marvel Exclusives to Gold Smaug!

The items are linked to their respective pages on the store so you can order with ease.  These items will be in my next shipment and will be expected to be in with me by the end of next week.


You can also check out my eBay as below for these and may, many more!

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Delayed Items

[As of 30/09/15]

Seeing as there are a number of items I have on order with my suppliers and, in some cases, some are suffering extreme delays so I figured it’d be a good idea to have this post as a means of giving real-time updates on the status of said items.

Now, I have had a number of e-mails and communications with customers – some polite and understanding.  Others not so.  I have even had the accusation of running a false store front (despite the fantastic feedback on eBay, the Facebook page and the store itself…) so I thought this would also be a good idea in the name of transparency and to build an element of trust for customers who have never bought from me before and these form their first purchase or they may have heard of such issues.

As much as I’d love to be able to dictate to Funko and/or my suppliers what’s what in the world of distribution, I can’t.  I have no control over such matters and can only pass the information on.

I have had some issues with customers demanding refunds and, due to the nature of their purchase(s) this is not possible (as per the terms and conditions that they agree to upon completion of the checkout process)

I understand how frustrating delays can be.  Trust me, I know from both sides of it being a consumer and a retailer.  So, without further ado, here is the latest I have on the items subject to delays:

First up, and the biggest thorn in my side is the SDCC 2014 Unmasked Deathstroke.  There is no ETA on him at the moment but I have been assured he will be coming in.  He’s the biggest pain for me due to the fact a large number of folks are awaiting him…including myself for my own personal collection!

EDIT: Deathstroke orders cannot be fulfilled as stock cannot be acquired.  Please read this post for more details.

SDCC 2015 Grinning Ultron is incoming and should be here this week.

Rapunzel (with Frying Pan) is continuously being chased.

Ghostbusters Vinyl Idolz are unavailable – all affected customers have been contacted and refunded.

Next up: Winged Castiel.  I had a batch in a while back and, since then, he seems to have grown even more popular meaning that there’s a few I am waiting for to fulfil a number of orders.  More were expected by the end of April but I am awaiting an update on this as, obviously, we’re past that point now.

Dancing Groot and Gold Smaug have also suffered delays since the last batches were in.  As with Castiel, above, they were expected by the end of April and are pending an update.

I will sticky this post so it’s easy to navigate to and update it as and when I have further info!


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Store Update – Week 41

Super late blog post this time – I kept trying to find time to podcast but alas!  So, a much later post than usual.  Being back in my day job, running the site and looking after 3 little rascals is harder than I anticipated.  6 weeks of leave made my life feel so much easier it’s like I’ve just crash landed back into reality!

So, what goodness did I have added to the store last week?  Behold!

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I’m hoping to get a more regular podcast schedule going…and I’ll try to keep it interesting!

Nerdgazzum Podcast 1 – Store Update Week 35

Nerdgazzum’s first ever podcast – rough around the edges but hey, who’s judging?


The store hasn’t had much of an update due to personal matters and this week (week 36) is likely to have very little added due to even more things going on personally.

Rest assured, I will be back on form soon!

Here’s what’s new:

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Store Update – Week 33

This weeks update is mahooooosive!  The largest number of items for a good few weeks have been added and amongst all of that delectable goodness…SDCC Exclusives!!!

As a newcomer to the game, I was panicking as I really wanted to be able to sell SDCC items and for a while I was thinking I was stuck with just the one (Deathstroke) but then, my supplier dropped me an e-mail and my jaw hit the floor!

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Store Update – Week 32

Hello again people!

So, this week, some awesome stuff has hit the store (pre-order and new arrivals).

It’s been a little bit slower with the updates as I had my family down from Scotland so spent a bit of family time out in the sun (and rain) and exploring places I either never knew existed or had heard of but never been to in and around Merthyr.  It’s a bit mad what you take for granted on your doorstep and don’t really stop to take it all in once in a while!

Anyway, enough about that, here’s what’s new:

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Funko Announces Keychains!

Hello fellow geeks and collectors! You may have seen the recent Funko announcement in regards to their portfolio expanding even further by putting Funko IN your pocket (or your bag or wherever) by revealing the new keychain line! So you’ve got them on your shelves/walls/bookcases/tables/stands and wherever else you crazy lot have stashed them…now carry them WITH you!

I’m hoping to be a part of this exciting new venture and I’m awaiting word from my suppliers as to when/if they will be getting them.  If not, then I guess I may just need to find other suppliers where I can get these wonderful toys, erm, keychains. Check out some of the items revealed so far:

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Store Update – Week 27

Howdy folks!

Not as big a week this week – been busy sorting out the blogs as well as looking at new suppliers.  Plus I’ve been busy round the house and making other uses of my annual leave while it lasts.

In the meantime, here are the latest additions:

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Store Update 19/05/14

Hello to you!

What a busy week it’s been on the store!  There has been a huge number of additions to the store – more than all the other weeks combined!  Below is the list – some are pre-orders and others are available now!

It’s been an exciting week (which has made up for the let down with the new stock – over a week late now!)

So, whatcha waiting for?  Go and check out the goodies and get your orders placed!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Spot – “Brothers”

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV spot has recently been aired and, I must admit, I’m coming around to the idea.

I loved the Turtles when I was a kid – namely the animated series.  The original movie, despite the fact it doesn’t really stand the test of time, is a tough one to beat but this trailer has made me change my mind.  Let’s just hope it’s not another flick where the trailers are better than the actual movie!

Check it out below!

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