The Lego Movie ‘2-up’ Review (The Cheeky Second Opinion)

This movie isn’t for everyone…By that I mean it’s not for miserable folks,  idiots (the bad kind) and people prone to epilepsy (seriously, bad things will happen).

It’ll also put off a few who dismiss it as purely for kids (wrong).  It’s sheer manic, random over-the-top-ness will dissuade others (almost the movie’s downfall…ALMOST!  More on that later).

All these people are missing out on something truly wonderful, because…. It’s bloody awesome!!  What could have been a cynical, chucked together marketing exercise, turns out to be something far more…. Although you WILL want to buy more Lego!

To sum up the film in one sentence is virtually impossible, but I’ll try…It’s like being thrown into a washing machine full of Lego, on full spin cycle, while someone shouts very funny gags at you and gives you a big hug at the end!

From the moment you hear the relentlessly upbeat theme, clearly a joke in itself, that won’t leave your head for…well…ever, you’ll be in on the joke…

Amidst the barrage of crazy visuals (real Lego?  CGI?  Pleasingly you won’t be able to tell), constantly creative settings, endless slapstick gags and one liners, brilliant comedy timing, loveable characters and amazing cameos that I won’t spoil here, is a surprisingly easy to follow story.  The potential downfall I mentioned?  I’m not sure if some people won’t be able to dial out the craziness to follow what’s going on…maybe…But for most, the plucky nobody becoming hero is done fantastically here, amid all the bonkers, this movie has real hear and draws to a truly surprising, intelligent conclusion.

You’ll come away glowing with nostalgia; Benny the Spaceman, one of the funniest characters was literally directly lifted from my toy box.

You’ll wet yourself laughing, I don’t have kids but the parents in the cinema I watched it inwere laughing as hard if not more than the young ‘uns.

Ears wringing with the message that freedom to play is what keeps us young.

It appears, everything is indeed AWESOME.


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