The Rise Of The Tomb Raider Controversy

It was announced at Gamescom today that the next instalment in the Tomb Raider franchise is to be an XBox exclusive.

Naturally, a few folks are pretty pissed at this announcement.  As an anti-XBox gamer, I must admit I’m a tad annoyed as the last game was fantastic.  As a “hater”, I would deem it a move to assist a flailing next gen console gain sales – let’s face it, some folks are so passionate about certain games they would buy a new console just to play it (GTA: Liberty City Stories was the only reason I bought a PSP…only to later find it was to be released on PS2…)

I’m no expert on the inner-workings of game development nor of the capitalist machine but my guess is that another TR game will be announced open to other platforms or, as is the case in most instances, this will either be a limited time of exclusivity or corporate greed will set in and it’ll be released a lot later.

Another point to make is the fact that most trolls who state “I will never bother with this again” etc. due to their perceived ‘shunning’ will actually venture back tail between legs and a wry smile that says “I’m sorry about before”.

What are your thoughts?  Are you gleeful at the 1up over Sony?  Or are you wishing Microsoft a swift decline in the market to the point they can’t snap up any more exclusives?

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