The Walking Dead – Episode 11 – Claimed

Claimed, the latest episode of The Walking Dead , compelled me to blog about it.

I don’t intend to make it a regular feature but, if the episodes are anything like they have been then it may inadvertently happen!

Potential spoilers abound – I will hide them so your wandering eyes don’t stray over them.

The comic and TV show merge in a spectacular way.  Abraham, Rosita and Eugene feature prominently after their short introduction at the end of episode 10.  Appearances-wise, they look pretty bang on in regards to their comic book counterparts.  Eugene looks like your average douche (more on him in the spoilers), Abraham is hard-talking, no-messing and all-out bad-ass!  And, Rosita is just lovely and a welcome bit of eye-candy.

This episode was pretty frantic and, I must admit, the Rick scenes had my heart well and truly lodged in my throat.

[su_spoiler title=”Spoiler!” style=”fancy”]Rick is left alone whilst Michonne and Carl go out scavenging – we get to see more of Michonne and Carl bonding and seeing Michonne’s more humane side – could she be due to go off at the deep end as a result of her pre-crisis life now making itself known?

Rick is asleep only to awake with voices bellowing – at first I thought he had gone back to his crazy episode from the prison (in the comics he started to go on a wobbler when he and Carl stuck it out in a house after the Governor’s crippling assault at the prison.  But it soon turns out that Rick is actually under threat.

Hiding under the bed, soaking with sweat, some rogues are arguing downstairs whilst one is checking out the bedroom he is hiding in.  The guy finishes his recon and collapses onto the bed.  Shortly after, another one comes in and wants the bed for himself so a tussle ensues and just before the weakest one is incapacitated him and Rick lock eyes.  This was an exhilarating scene fraught with tension.

Meanwhile, Glenn awakes to discover the bus that Maggie and co were on is hours behind as Abraham tanks along in the truck on their ‘ mission’ to get to Washington DC.  A nice little scuffle takes place between Glenn and Abraham only to be disturbed by the obvious appearance of walkers drawn by the noise.

Eugene can’t shoot worth a damn and takes out the trucks fuel tank leaving the newly formed group to have to ‘hump’ it.  Glenn is determined to find his wife (Maggie).

The group Rick encounters made me think this could either be the cannibals the group encounters in the comics who decide to feast upon Dale, leaving him to a paraplegic (that obviously won’t happen seeing as he’s dead in the show) or the planting seeds to Negan’s appearance that may happen in season 5 (Kirkman has confirmed he shan’t be in season 4).

Time will tell.[/su_spoiler]

I know the majority of this blog post is hidden as a spoiler (oops) but in summary, this episode was amazing.  I’m loving the current way they’re treating the episodes (kinda like Lost by focusing on certain characters each episode).  Back to back with no interruption (cut out the opening and credits) and I think this half of the season would be even more epic.

It’s nice to see the show converge with the comics in a big bad way unlike what they’ve done before.  I loved (and was extremely frustrated) at the developments with Eugene.  Can’t wait for episode 12 (only a few days now).

Until then, keep on walking.


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