This Cat’s In The Bag

Comics are full of powerful men; good and bad. Batman, Iron man, The Joker to name a few. But as they say, behind every great man there is a great woman.  So let’s talk about one: Selina Kyle more fondly known as Catwoman.  She’s a strong independent woman, she’s got the looks and the brains. She’s not so different from you or I…well sort of.  I find it somewhat comforting to relate to a character like this.  Unlike people in the movies; they have trouble in their past.  Catwoman is no different, losing her mother at a young age to suicide, and living with a violent father who drank himself to death.  Although a tad extreme, like with many of our beloved heroes, it’s something to relate to. Admittedly yes, she breaks in to places and steals stuff,;not really something we should aspire to be like.  But at the same time, she works fearlessly to protect Gotham.

She has the struggle within herself between doing good and bad, as we all do to a certain extent.  I think deep down she has a caring and loving heart, she just uses it in a dishonest and selfish way.  She steals from the rich, mobsters, corrupt politicians…for herself.  You could call her a sort of reverse Robin Hood!

And, like any young woman she falls in love with the hero who, despite his best efforts tries to steer her away from the thievery, but greed gets the better of her.  He falls for her because he can relate to her in a way he can’t with anyone else; she’s ambiguous in contrast to his right and wrong way of thinking.  The way in which they started off were total opposites to each other and, they do say opposites attract.  It was a case of love at first sight.

And then there’s how she looks.  Although a little impractical for the modern woman; she dons a tight black cat suit of course, although it varies slightly across the different depictions of her, the basis remains the same, giving her that unmistakeable look. Surely any woman now would aspire to have a figure that will look good in an outfit! I mean I certainly would!  C’mon what’s not sexy about a woman in a cat suit yielding a whip!?!

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